Here I go again with another LIVE video. If you missed it live you can watch it here! Once more I laughed until I snorted, and used air quotes eleventy seven times. I put some show notes down at the bottom.


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Click here for Kim Guzman’s quick crochet Christmas Angels

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2 thoughts on “The Crochet Dude LIVE episode 2”

  1. I would never have said anything, but to make it positive: you look 20 years younger without the beard!

  2. I subscribe to your newsletter, and as I was watching your live 2nd episode, it stopped in the middle of it, telling me that this video cannot be watched. Are you doing this from Facebook? I did not go to my Facebook page to look it up and watch it, I clicked on the like in the newsletter. If I need to go to your page on Facebook, I can do that, but I thought since there was a link in the newsletter that it would work that way. Lesson learned 🙂 I have crocheted gifts for homeless people, preemie and newborn babies (a friend of mine would make up boxes with a hat, a blanket, booties, diapers, powder & other misc. items) these were given to the hospital for new mothers. Most of the items in the box were either crochet or knit. I have made hats, scarves, double sided scarves, booties (on a loom), lapghans, & throws that I have given to my friends, family, & coworkers. It is nice to be able to say “I made this for you”, instead of buying a gift from the store. Having some problems now, I cracked my wrist bone that seems to be attached to my thumb :), which makes crocheting a little bit harder now, it takes me longer to do it now. I have a bunch of afghans (those really keep you warm here in Kansas when it snows and gets below freezing) that I made in storage containers. I used to try to sell items I make, but no one wants to pay for the time, effort, or amount paid for yarn for these handmade items. I always wash and dry my items before I give them away, just to make sure that they do not shrink. Guess, I need to put cards with them explaining this too. You do have a babyface, but it is for a good cause. Maybe I will get to watch the whole 2nd episode, is it on you .com page? I cannot read crochet patterns, I have to look at it and try to do the best I can, to me the pattern instructions are more confusing on some things. If you just put it say in a Word document, with how to do it, number of chains, sc, dc, etc. I can do it, always helps to have a picture too. 🙂 I live in Abilene, Kansas; for some reason everyone thinks I live in Abilene, Texas. We are going down to the mid 30’s tonight, right now at 10 pm. it is 44°; still no snow, Global Warming really evident, a couple of years ago, we had snow up to your knees by this time of year. I will be looking for your next newsletter, enjoy your family/company for Thanksgiving, and have fun with the Christmas decorating. Those angels sound nice, but I probably cannot make those tiny stitches needed to make them small. I do a lot of my projects on looms now, due to wrist problem. I used basically the “granny square” in making all of my afghans, lapghans, & throws. That is an easy stitch to learn and fun to use. I have to go now, wishing you much luck with getting everything ready for holidays. ENJOY!!!! 🙂

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