Designing purses has always been a passion of mine! There is something about using yarn and crochet to create the architecture necessary for the project to function as a purse!

The Berry Sweet Clutch is a result of experimenting with that functionality and incorporating as much texture as possible – yet at the same time make it fairly quick and easy project! In fact, this project is crocheted as one solid piece!

To get the FREE pattern click here: Berry Sweet Clutch

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2 thoughts on “Free crochet pattern: Berry Sweet Clutch”

  1. Here you are giving this purse pattern away free when a few years back I joined your purses and I PAID for this pattern. Tells me you are not being fair to those of us who paid for this same pattern. I’m disappointed!!
    Judy Talmo

    1. Hi Judy! No, this isn’t the same purse. This pattern is actually one that had been designed for my book “Must Have Handbags” and got cut for space before publishing. That’s why it’s available as a free pattern on the web.

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