Enter to win! See details below! GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED! See how to order a Bagg of your own below!

You’ll be amazed at what this bagg can do! Zip it into a backpack! Or a tote! Or a shoulder bagg! With the pockets on the inside! With the pockets on the outside! Unzip it flat and hang it on the wall! To see what’s inside just unzip the side and the opens all the way to the bottom! You’ll truly wonder how you lived without this! 9.5″x6″x12″ (not counting handles).

Watch this video with Jed, the son of the designer of this amazing bagg, to see all the features:



Enter now to receive one Bagg of your very own! This is a retail value of $49.99! Simply scroll to the bottom of this page to leave a comment below and tell me your favorite way to organize your hooks! No purchase necessary. Open to addresses worldwide (where permitted by law)! Deadline to enter is February 7, 2017 and the winner will be selected via a random # generator. Only one entry per person please. COMMENTS NOW CLOSED

If you can’t wait to see if you’ve won, you can order your very own today! Just click below!

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492 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Crochet Dude Nantucket Bagg!”

  1. I keep my hooks in a large coffee mug so they are always handy and I can see the size I am looking for.

    1. I keep my books in a roll case.
      It was custom made out of fabric by a designer friend

  2. My hooks are in a zipped case so that when the kitties knock them on the floor, I’m not playing 52-pick-up and I don’t lose any!

  3. I keep my hooks in the cases they come in. That is until I’m using them and then I keep certain ones in my zippered tool bag.

  4. My favorite way to organize my hooks is in a zippered pouch with the phrase “Geek is the new chic!” printed on it. It makes me happy because I’miss a super geeky girl!

  5. I keep hooks in pretty glass jars, cups, mugs so I can always see their loveliness! I recently found an antique straw dispenser to store some in.

  6. I have a custom fabric crochet hook case that I love. I need a second one now. My overflow is currently hanging out in a zippered pouch.

  7. Oooppps!! Soorry, some hooks are in a handthrown pot, some are in a mug from my granddaughter and I have 2 zipper cases for travel.

  8. I have a drawer that I have divided to hold my hooks by size since I like to collect them with different handles and wood vs metal!

  9. I crocheted a case to hold all of my hooks. I need to make another one for my daughter because she’s starting to get a collection of her own. (or I should have her do it. 🙂 )

  10. I keep mine in one of the cases I bought for my hooks, all the rest are in pouches and they are all in a smaller bag that I hang from my light near my chair. When I need to run, I just grab my little bag and throw the entire thing in my wips on the go bag.

  11. My hooks are in a semi transparent plastic box that snaps close. Organized? Hardly, but I can keep my scissors, tape, stitch holders, labels and other odds and ends in it. Thanks for the giveaway, Drew!

  12. I have kept mine in an empty check box for about 45 years but now I have a new set that came in a case.

  13. I keep my larger hooks in a mason jar and my smaller -medium sized ones in a pencil/pen desk organizer

  14. Ones I use most often are in a mug next to the sofa where I do most of my work. The rest are in a pencil box that snaps shut.

  15. I organize my hooks in my Crochet Dude hook organizer. Most of my hooks are also Crochet Dude hooks and stitch markers and the snippets.

  16. I have my hooks in a Pringle can. (More than once I’ve had grandchildren ask if they can eat some!)
    This bag is awesome! Whoever wins is very lucky!

  17. I keep all my hooks in a plastic cup sitting on my printer beside me. I can find whichever one I want. Especially since I have duplicates of them all. My chair has a habit of eating my hooks..

  18. Lol… I like my ergo soft handled ones in every project bag. Metal ones sit in a container I painted Happy Hooker on the side of! Gotta have fun! Really, I stash crochet hooks all over my place. I don’t knit but those I keep in a magazine holder for when I learn!

  19. my plain hooks are in a Doctor Who Lunchbox , my straight unisian hooks are in a pirouline can, and my flexible Tunisian hooks are in my TARDIS cookie jar. I am a little bit of a geek 😉

  20. All of my hooks got into an old crystal lite drink mix tube. It’s a less than perfect system.

  21. I store them in a plastic organizer drawer, but also have a few in a cup wherever I’m crocheting.

  22. I am bad at organizing my hooks – I tend to have them in either the original package or with the current project

  23. Most of my hooks are in my art tool box…. Ones I use all the time are in a mesh bag….. I ve always loved the Nantucket bags…. Always wanted one….And would carry this for sure…

  24. I keep my hooks in 1 bag plus I have extras in a toolbox drawer. Would love to win the Nantucket bag

  25. I keep most of my hooks in a homemade pouch that was originally the pattern for a crayon holder. The ones I use the most are in a small clay pot. Sometimes, a stray one can be found with a UFO.

  26. I keep my favorite hooks in my project bag, an extra set in a travel hook organizer and the rest of them in a nice little vase on the shelf ?

  27. This would be cool to take my stuff to the flea markets so I can keep stuff together

  28. I have many hooks – some are in a zippered case and the others are in a black mesh pencil holder

  29. my hooks are in 2 pockets inside my project bag………but thinking about a pencil holder for all of them!

  30. I keep my hooks in hook cases, sorted by type and size and stashed in a fabric drawer in a living room table. I tried posting from my iPad earlier and it came up with an error message, then blanked when I tried again, so if there is a duplicate not showing up here (I waited an hour to check and am not seeing it), please delete one.

  31. Like many other crocheters, I have several crochet hook sets of various types and designs. I have a set in a roll up fabric hook case, some in faux leather cases, and even 2 crocheted roll up crochet hook cases.

  32. I keep my hooks in 4 coffee mugs, sorted by style – grey generic, coloured, soft handle and hard plastic handle. Steel hooks in case and bamboo handled hooks in glasses case.

  33. I have so many crochet hooks, I have lost count and store them in many different ways depending on what brand or style (metal, wood, ergonomic, etc.) I’m in the mood to use at the time. I have inherited my grandmothers hook collection, and I found a collection of Boye and Susan Bates hooks at a yard sale that were still packaged and looked to be from at least the 60’s from the look of the price on them. Then add them to my own collection that I bought from various stores over the years, so some I have in plastic shoe boxes, some I have in boxes made for collectible card collections that my husband gave me (those boxes fit afghan hooks really well), but the ones that I use the most are in dedicated crochet hook zipper cases that I can easily get to when I need a hook for a project. For my Knitpicks Rainbow Wood hook set though, I crocheted the case that I keep them in. I also have a collection of random hooks in a drawer of my bedside table.

  34. I store all of my hooks in a wooden box that my husband and kids gave me. Love this box it is similar to an old cigar box I believe. It has a pretty picture of a horse and her foal on the top.

  35. Ideally it would be to have them neatly in a row in a beautiful hook case so I can easily grab the right size, but those are just fairy tales and I really have a hook in every drawer and basket around the house.

  36. I like to keep my hooks in a BassPro Worm binder, the clear zip bags inside make it easy to find what I am looking for.

  37. I have tried so many ways (and times!) to organise my hooks and have found that the best way for me is three mugs: one holds the hooks I’m using on current WIPs, the second holds other frequently used hooks and the third holds other less frequently used hooks. I have been using this particular method for a few months now – which is longer than any other! Now I know exactly where to find the hook I’m looking for ?

  38. This is the coolest bag I’ve ever seen! Would love to have one! I keep my hooks in 2 crocheted “books” – one for small steel hooks & one for B through N hooks. The small hook book has an extra pocket for scissors, tape measure, etc., and I attach my stitch markers & yarn needles through inside “spine” of each book.

  39. I keep my crochet hooks in a zipped pouch which was the first item that my sister ever sewed

  40. I store my hooks in a case and in a stand up holder right by my side on an end table.

  41. I have 6 zippered cases of hooks, each arranged by brand and in size order. The outside of each is marked with its contents. This way I don’t need to search for a hook that works best with the yarn I am using at the time!

  42. I keep mine in special glasses next to wherever I am. Since I have a lot of duplicates, I have more than one glassful.

  43. Right now my hooks are in a small plastic zip up purse. I need a new system since I ergonomic bands and they became too big fir my zip case.

  44. My Father made me a crochet hook rack made from oak its great I have all my hooks lined up according to size.

  45. I have 3 different cases for my hooks & tools. My bamboo hooks are in a zipped Boye hook holder, my aluminum hooks are in a crocheted hook case I made myself, & my soft handled hooks are in a zippered makeup tool case with straps for the hooks.

  46. I keep my hooks in a maroon Hello Kitty pencil case. I’ve had it for 13 years and it holds my H, I, J, and K hooks, tapestry needle and scissors. It’s very convenient and can put it in my crochet bag or my purse, if necessary. 😀

  47. I keep the hooks I am not using in an eyeglass hard case. I can also fit small scissors and the large yarn needle.
    I usually have 3 hooks out though, hanging on a project I’m in the middle of.

  48. I keep some hooks in a bag my Mom made for me. Some are in a pencil box. Some are in their case. Some are with their wips. I have many hooks and always looking for more so I can give them away when I teach someone to crochet. Thanks for the great patterns.

  49. I have mine in a double sided zippered cosmetic bag. Hooks on one side, and needles, stitch markers, small scissors, etc on the other.

  50. I tried so hard to keep all my hooks in the original Bates cases they came in, but eventually they all ended up scattered to the winds (in the tote bags with the projects I’m using them on). If I find a loose one or I finish a project. I have a jewelry divider case that I now keep my hooks in one little section; needles in another; stitch markers; tape measure; etc. It’s not perfect and NOT portable, but at least I can (usually) find what I need. Fingers crossed I win; I <3 tote bags!!

  51. I went to Michael’s and purchased a 4″ x 8″ plastic case with removable inserts. I arranged the inserts to hold my large sized needles in one compartment, my smaller sized needles in another compartment. I also have my yarn sewing needles in a smaller compartment and my measuring tape in another smaller one. I have a fold up pair of scissors that fit right into the measuring tape compartment. I just pick up the case along with a tote bag of yarn and get in the car and crochet while my husband drives.

  52. Love this bag! I have a limited number of hooks, but keep them in a vintage smiley face mug! 🙂

  53. Tall, round plastic container that I got from Joann Fabric in the storage section. It has a divider that sections it into 4 sections so I can kind of sort them by size. Always looking for a better way! 🙂

  54. would love this bag . i could visit my sister and take my crochet with me.looks like enough room for all the hooks and yarn to do my project…

  55. I have a Mr. Peanut apothecary jar that I keep most of my hooks in on our entertainment center in the living room. I also have a couple sets that came in their own cases.

  56. hooks are in baggies… Gallon size… Need to fix that! Love your bag… Great for projects and grocery shopping!

  57. I have a mug by my chair that I keep hooks and pens in. I also have a case in my bag with a set of both steel and aluminum from size B to K that I take with me, along with the current project I’m working on. Beyond that, I have hundreds of other hooks, and they are stored in plastic totes, along with other supplies. I really need a craft room!

  58. I like to keep my hooks in an empty Crystal Light container. Once you peel off the plastic label, you can decorate it with Washi tape, paint it, decoupage it – the possibilities are limitless! ?

  59. I have two hook holders from Carr’s wood shop. One is heart shaped which holds 12 hooks and one is oval which holds 30 hooks. I guess besides being a yarnaholic I have hooks to go with it. Must of them I don’t use because the have clay animals on top and are a bit top heavy.

  60. I keep my regular hooks in my Crochet Dude hook organizer. My hooks with the ergonomic grips,I keep in an old wooden cigar box.

  61. Over the years I have kept my crochet hooks (and knitting needles) in many different containers. Right now my favorite hooks are in a ziplock bag inside a zippered pouch I bought at AC Moore. That pouch is in a basket with my current projects that goes with me everywhere.

  62. I have lots of crochet hooks left me by my grandmother and mother along with those I’ve purchased over the years up to size S. Many are stored in a sectioned plastic box. I carry a complete set in a crochet case and then there are those in smaller plastic cases. Of course, the ones I am currently using are in the bag with the yarn. Rather haphazard but I seem to be able to find what I want most of the time.

  63. I have mine in a leather zippered case with little loops inside to hold each crochet hook. This was a gift from my grandmother 40 years ago, so every time I go get a hook I’m reminded of her.

  64. I keep the hooks I love to use in a a black lacquer box, there are hooks in projects through out the house including my go bag and then there’s the fishing tackle box that holds my mom’s and my older hooks and all larger hooks including Afghan,etc. Oh then there’s my mom’s sewing table yelp hooks every where

  65. I use vinyl crochet hook cases and keep them in order by size. Have one for small hooks and one for larger hooks.

  66. I taught myself how to crochet approx 2 years ago. I made one hook holder from a pattern on Ravelry using Bernat Blanket Yarn. I crocheted the size to fit around a plastic container placing my hooks through the loops. As well it holds my scissors, needles etc on the inside. That’s great for home, so I made one that folds for when I go out. I didn’t make it the right size so I’m going to search for an easy pattern & ck my measurements.
    The Nantucket Bag is looks perfect for crocheters/knitters! It’s genius!! I wouldn’t need to make another attempt on another rolled, folded one, would be able to keep everything together at home & it would always be ready to go!

  67. I have my hooks in zipperd cases for hooks, then keep them in a larger bag with my current project???

  68. In a clear plastic pouch with a zipper. Everyone is just sitting together. But, I can see each and everyone making it a functional way to store them.

  69. I keep my hooks in a zippered bag thats supposed to be a beauty case!! I have lots of hooks because my grandmother left hers to me. She taught me how to knit and crochet when I was 8 years old, and I haven’t stopped since (I’m 53 now!!). Crocheting is my version of meditation!!

  70. I (attempt to) keep my hooks in two zippered cases, except for the interchangeable set. That one stays in the nifty case it came in.

  71. I have a lovely small round tote that is about 8 inches high with a handle
    that I keep my crochet hooks in. My mother-in-law gave me a set of
    crochet hooks that came with their own soft covered case. This case
    fits nicely in the small round tote.

  72. I keepmy hooks in a big tin- that way I can keepboth the ordinary and Tunisian ones together. Great bit of recycling too – it’s an old Fox’s biscuit tin 🙂

  73. My sweet hubby bought me a whole set of hooks and a zippered case to keep them in. However, probably like most other “hookers” I found the need for some larger size hooks when I made a graphthang (not a pillow, not an afghan – not sure what it is). I also got a few of those lighted hooks so they are just kind of laying around or shoved down in another bag.

  74. I have some of mine in a case that used to be for safety glasses. It has a see through top. Others I have in a plastic case and some more in an organizer made specifically for hooks.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  75. My favorite way to organize my hooks is to put them in the M&M Candy holders that, of course, are empty from Christmas time. They are just the right size for the non-ergonomic hooks.

  76. I have several of the same hooks so I leave them in the WIP until finished. When one project is completed. I have a zippered makeup bag that all my spare hooks are left until I find another WIP that i just have to start. 🙂

  77. I have a set of bamboo crochet hooks, alot of metal hooks, and a few plastic ones, for now they reside in a large tin can that I found and will decorate now that I have them altogether. I also have a drawer of knitting needles, that are also bamboo.

  78. It depends on the type of hook, I have zippered cases for my yarn hooks, a flip case for my steel lace hooks, and a zipped padded case for the interchangeable lace hooks.

  79. My hooks are in a zippered bag, separated by size and rubber-banned together. I would love to find a better way to do that! The bag would be perfect!

  80. My wooden hooks are in a Lantern Moon fabric hook holder and my boye hooks are in a round leopard pencil case. I won the Lantern Moon holder at my first crochet/knit conference – you even presented it to me!!!

  81. I keep mine in a Ziploc baggie. I can see what I need, easy access, repurposed the baggie, and fur babies can’t get at my hooks! I also keep a small scissors, and my tapestry needles in there.

  82. The more I try to organize … the MORE DIS-organized I feel! While I keep most crochet hooks in a colorful hand thrown pottery mug with one too many chips to drink tea, there is always the travel predicament of sizes of hooks I may need on the go. Those are stashed in a canvas “pencil” case thrown into “the bag of the day,” which yours, Drew, would be SO super! Thanks for your site and patterns and instruction and keeping crochet challenging! Love you for that!

  83. My hooks are kept in a plastic container that used to hold lemonade packets, free after you drink the lemonade or share it…

  84. I keep them in lots of places. I made a hook roll for my steel hooks from an embroidered table runner from my grandmother; a three-compartment picnic silverware holder from Hobby Lobby; and rectangular tins — the ones that come out at Christmas that have candy or gum in them!

  85. I have a quilted, multipocket fabric roll-up that holds lots of hooks. the pockets are clear so I can see what’s there.

  86. I keep my crochet hooks in zippered holders. This Crochet Dude Bagg would make a great way to carry my work with me. Thanks!

  87. I keep most of my hooks in a large plastic box. I do have some I display in a wooden box in which i made a mat from plastic canvas. Those on display are the fancy ones and some bone ones that were gifted to me. Also in the display is my light up hooks. Still hoping for a Grey Dog.

  88. My favorite everyday hooks go into a large old, empty prescription bottle from the vets office.

  89. I have a fabric roll with sections for my hooks. Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing bag!

  90. I have a pencil case that I keep some in for travel in my bag. I also have a Knit Happy Roll Up case that holds them for home.

  91. I keep my hooks in 2 hard plastic boxes. One is for thread hooks and the other is for yarn hooks.

  92. I’m still looking for that perfect way of keeping track of all my crochet goodies! I use large prescription bottles, various zip up bags. I need help!

  93. I’ve save all my makeup brush pouches over the years & they’re perfect for my hooks. A also have a pencil box I keep my larger hooks in. I have a lot of hooks. Of course, if I win this bag I will probably keep my hooks in that. I love the idea of hanging it on the wall!

  94. I have three cosmetic bags with common hooks, tape measures, needles and scissors that I keep stocked and can “grab and go” with a bag when taking a project along!

  95. I made my own hook roll with some awesome brocade fabric I sewed to some quilt fabric. It also has extra slots for a pen and scissors.

  96. I keep my hooks in a nice wooden box. Then I put it in the bag I use for my crochet projects now. Sure would be nice to win this beautiful bag. Thanks for the chance.

  97. I have a small hook stash and have a zippered pouch that holds the set. Loose hooks I keep in a pouch that belonged to my mother.

  98. My hooks are stored by size , steel for thread work, and alum for wool work.I have a bit of felt in the bottom of a plastic container, and have painted the container in bright specks. I would love a bag like this to carry my work around with me.

  99. Every September, when school supplies are on sale, I pick up a plastic pencil case and several pairs of little scissors. I put most of my hooks in that so I can find them easily. I also get a couple zippered 3 holed case that goes into the notebooks. I put the hook, scissors, stitch markers and anything else I might need for a particular pattern and put it in a thin notebook with a page protector that has my pattern.

  100. I have several pencil boxes left over from my son’s elementary school days. One holds my wood and ivory (inherited from my grandmother) hooks, a second holds my aluminum hooks, and the third my steels. I also have a zippered pouch for my Crochet Dude Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Handle and all of its adapters.

  101. I keep my hooks in a medium size plastic jar, not organized, but certainly handy as it sits right on the stand next to my favorite chair all the time & is large enough to hold scissors, tape measure, yarn hooks & any others accessories I find necessary. The lid keeps them all contained in case they fall. Thanks for the give away – that bag looks amazing!!

  102. I have a pretty little decorative box that my husband bought me on the table next to my chair to hold all my hooks and doodads.

    1. I keep my crochet hooks in wrap holder.
      I have several sets some plain metal hooks.
      I have others with large handles.
      I’m using one for arthritic hands.
      Metal hooks fit in handle and I keep others in my multi pocket insert while I WIP.

  103. my husband is a sheet metal worker and he carries 3 tool belts at one time to keep all the tools he needs at hand! if I do not win a bag, I will most certainly buy him one. it will most definitely buy him one. thankyou. lori mcgee

  104. Would you believe I keep my hooks in a Pringles can that I covered with a crocheted cover I made for it? It works great but thewn I still have to worry about where to put my yarn, markers, etc! One of these bags would be ideal!

  105. I have my hooks for yarn in a Crochet Dude Holder I have my steel hooks for fine crochet thread in a toothbrush holder. I would love to win this bag.

  106. I have various ways of storing things: for knitting needles I have a Bass Pro worm bag, for crochet hooks a custom roll with slots fro the hooks and to take along in the project bag I use and Epi-pen case.

  107. I keep my hooks in a fabric crayon holder which rolls up like a cylinder when not in use. (It has ties to hold it shut.)

    That is a very nice bag…..

  108. I keep my large hooks in a tin that originally a watch came in, it is about the size of a pencil box. My tiny hooks for fine work I keep in a vintage, glass cigar tube that was my Grandfather’s. I will be 80 next month so you can only imagine how vintage it is! Both of these containers I keep in my Yarn/knitting footed bag. It would be nice to have a “home base” for my crochet passion.

  109. I keep mine it a case and my spare ones in an empty chocolate tin. Would love one of these bags to be able to keep everything together and on hand to take anywhere with me

  110. I keep my hooks in a blue pencil type box which I keep very handy so i can find it to work on my crochet projects

  111. I keep some of mine in a zipped hook holder from Michaels. I am currently looking for something else to organize them into

  112. My hooks live in a clear makeup bag I got years ago at Walgreens, but need a new home as the zipper pull just broke. I think the Nantucket Bagg is a great option!

  113. I keep each set in it’s own organizer (I currently have 12 different sets and, yes, I use them all!). Each organizer also has scissors, gauge ruler, stitch markers, yarn needles and threader, post-it note pad and a pencil. Thanks for a chance to win this great bag.

  114. My sister made me a fold over crochet folder with my favorite Ohio State Buckeye colors. I love it!

  115. I have hooks in a jar (crochet covered of course), hooks that came in cases, hooks in a zippered plastic thingy that something else came in, hooks in paper wrapping, and my Grandma Jessie’s hooks in a little Oriental silk wallet my brother gave me. I need this bag!

  116. WOWZIERS!! This bag is amazing! I currently have my hooks & scissors in one of those plastic containers that they sell peaches in. I’d love this page though. Room for hooks & yarn & patterns too!!

  117. My hooks are all in a sewing tin that was my grandmother’s. I can remember going over to her house and seeing her use the tin whenever she had to darn a sock or sew something. So, when I start a crochet project and have to pick a hook, I smile to myself and think of nana.

  118. When I’m at home I keep them in a coffee mug so I can just grab whatever size I need. When I’m on the go, I like to keep my hooks, tape measure, and fold-up scissors in a pencil case, in my purse.

  119. I try to keep my hooks organized in a nice case yet I always end up finding them in drawers and with projects I’ve started

  120. Most of my hooks are stored in the package they came in – only the hook I’m using is on my TV tray.

  121. I have loose hooks in a small, zippered pouch which originally held pillow cases. That is set in a larger zippered pouch which contains notions and a packaged set of matched hooks.

  122. I store my hooks in a holder that I crocheted. It rolls up and keeps them safe.
    My interchangeable Tunisian hooks are in the case they came in.

  123. The hooks I use most often are in a large vintage mason jar. The rest of my hooks are stored in an old chocolate tin that belonged to my Granny.

  124. I keep mine in this pink thingy I bought at Michaels for crochet hooks. I have four of them with a different range of sizes in each. It is zippered so they don’t fall out and has slots for them.

  125. My mother made me a quilted scroll with slots to put all my hooks in. It rolls up amd has butterflies!

  126. I keep the hooks that I use most often in a short glass vase on an end table next to my couch. Others I keep in a zippered pencil case in a basket underneath my end table.

    That bag would make a great place to store hooks and projects — love the organization!

  127. I keep my bamboo hooks in the box they came in and I have a zippered bag that seperates and holds my steel and aluminum hooks, then I have a zippered make-up bag that holds the rest of my hooks! Not that I have a lot of hooks or anything!!!!! ?

  128. I use the little plastic box that stores sell as pencil holders. I write on the end of the box which hooks are in each box. Then they can be stacked on a shelf and I can easily pick the box I need. But I think I have a lot of them down in the couch cushions out of reach!

  129. Some hooks live in the night table next to my bed. I don’t know why except maybe the ease of grabbing one in case I get inspired to use the black sparkling dk weight yarn I have stashed there. Other metal hooks are kept in a green zipped case with “Vanna White” on the outside. I have no rememberance of where I got that case except I think it may have come from a project eons ago. Still others (clear acrylic) are kept in their own clear zipped case. Some large-handled hooks are kept in a plastic bin in the office with my patterns and books. So as you can see, I really need to get organized. Thanks for the chance!

  130. currently my hooks and supplies are in a zip pocket bag, which is a sad state! I definitely need to invest in a better system! this bag looks amazing! thanks for the opportunity!

  131. Where do I not have hooks? I have some in a mug in my craft room, some in the case they came in, some in a variety of small zippered bags, annd, of course, hooks scattered in various ongoing project bags. I love all of my hooks.

  132. I have one hook on the bathroom counter for fishing the grotesque amount of hair from the bathtub drain that accumulates from three of us girls in the household with long hair. I think it’s a J hook. Other hooks are in various ziplock bags with pending projects. The rest are in a zipper case.

  133. I keep my crochet hooks in a small plastic pencil box, and also keep my yarn needles in the same case so I have everything handy when I need it!

  134. I’m one of those kind of people that by hook tHen loose hooks then buy more hooks I try to keep them in little bags and in the case I bought them in.

  135. This is a awesome unique design! I would enjoy storing all my tools and current project for ease of use at home and in class. And I do enjoy your hooks which I use (your original ones).

  136. I keep them inside an old plastic school box with all of the rest of my “yarnin'”supplies. They’re in a small plastic case so they don’t bounce around.

  137. My yarn hooks get to stay in a denim zip-up bag. My steel hooks will also get to live in the denim bag once I locate them.

  138. Hi Drew! I keep my hooks in an old make up bag- its clear plastic on the inside, so it helps me search for the right hook. I have a longer hard plastic container for my straight tunisian hooks, and my smaller metal hooks I keep in a pencil case.
    I also have a lot of pottery that I put hooks that are frequently in use in. There is a method to my madness!

  139. I keep my hooks in a plastic container with divisions in it. Each section holds a different style/size hook – I have more than one of each!!!

  140. I have the ones I use the most in a coffee mug I designed sitting on my desk. I have a set in a pencil holder for to go projects. Last I have a clear plastic shoe box for the rest of them that sits on my desk under the shelf. I love my hooks 😀

  141. I have several sets of crochet hooks which came in plastic cases. I keep the cases, and other hooks, in a zippered mesh bag. But the hook I need is always in another project bag. (:

  142. I have one crochet hook since the rest of mine got chewed up by the kids. I keep in in the blanket I am working on

  143. I have 2 zipper pencil cases one for my hooks and one for my scissors, stitch markers and all the other necessary tools.

  144. Apparently, my method is to keep buying several H hooks at one time, and then keep losing them. I’m working on a better method.

  145. I keep my crochet hooks in a zippered holder made for that purpose. However, it doesn’t hold the jumbo hooks, so I have a larger, zippered, cosmetic bag for those. I keep whatever hook/s I’m currently using in a zippered bag where I keep a tape measure, large tapestry needles, stitch markers, and collapsing scissors for throwing into my travel bag.

  146. Organized? I wish! They are all in a sturdy see through plastic bag, except for the ones that are with a current project. I need to work on that organization thing! ?

  147. I keep my aluminum hooks in a Boye zippered crochet hook case and my steel ones in another case like the first one. I have another case (Clover) that I keep my Clover Amour hooks in. I have a plastic container, with lid, where I keep my larger hooks and another one for my ever larger hooks.

  148. Awesome bag! I would have to start working on bigger projects just so I could tote them around in this.

  149. I have a couple of vintage test tube stands that hubby found for me at an auction that house some of my hooks.

  150. I use a variety of clear, zippered bags for all of my craft supplies – including crochet hooks.

  151. I keep mine in a crystal vase…with the different colors it looks pretty sitting on my coffee table.

  152. I have a zippered bag that I store my crochet hooks in, but also have been known to keep them in old cigar tubes.

  153. I keep all of my hooks in a round plastic covered container. The container fits in my knitting/crocheting bag so that I always have my hooks with me whether I’m at home, an appointment or teaching my knitting class and need a hook to fix one of my students mistakes.

  154. Great bag, wow!…… i use all kinds of stuff to keep organized from toothbrush holders to clam-shell packaging from fruits…lol
    I use those plastic short fliptop jars that chewing gum come in.
    I am always looking for the proper bag, great straps to make it easy to carry and less strain on hands and shoulders. One that zips up so if it gets turned upside down it doesn’t dump out. Gonna take a closer look at this bag. pretty cool design.

  155. I have a small zipper bag from the “women’s needs” area that is exactly the right size for all my hooks except my Tunisian ones. :~)

  156. HI I have a 12inch school pencil case which has 2 zippered compartments. So I use the smaller compartment for my steel hooks and the larger compartment for the rest of my hooks. Works well as they are all there in the one spot for selection of a hock for which ever size I need. love it even the red colour. Happy Hooking to All.

  157. I made used the material from an old curtain and some fabric fusing to make a hook roll- up case – recycle queen!!

  158. I have two different cases – one is a compact zipper case that I use for my “doubles” and those I don’t use regularly. The second the one I crocheted about 10 years ago that has 10 little pockets to organize by size. It is only referred to as the second since I received the zipper one first. The second is my go-to-case. I also use multiple colors fo my hooks so that I can easily pick up one of my favorites.

    I love the Nantucket bag and can see many ways to organize my crochet projects by zipping it with the pockets on the outside!

  159. I keep my loom pick in the bag I store my projects in, and when I am not working on anything the pick sit on my computer desk with my pencils.

  160. I use various zipper pouch Makeup bags. Think of all those Free with Purchase Clinique Bonus Time offers.

  161. I use an old K’nex box that my son out grow. In the box some are in a fabric zipper bag, some are in the original containers, some are in an old wipes container and some are loose. Hardly ideal. The one(s) that I take with me are in a zipper pencil case with my stitch markers and scissors, labeled “Night Owl”. Gee I wonder when I do most of my work. I would love to win the bag. I remember seeing the bagg a few years ago, before I saw yours. I wanted one then and I wish for one now.

  162. I sewed a needle roll for my hooks and embroidered the work “HOOKS” in the outside. It’s a blue and white striped canvas that will go great with this bag!

  163. Hi Drew. I keep my smaller hooks in a small plastic photo keeper that I picked up at the craft store. I can see what’s in it and if the hook I need is missing. Although, often times my hooks are found in various works-in-progress. I have a fabric pouch for bigger hooks (such as yours – of which I have several).

  164. I have hundreds of hooks. Many came from my aunt. Some were my mom’s. I have one that my uncle used. It’s made of bone. He broke it so it would fit in his pocket. Some are gifts from treasured friends. Some day, i plan to put the oldest and the ones with the most sentimental value in a shadow box to hang on the wall. Most of the hooks, I keep in a plastic box. The ones I use the most often are in a drawer. Not organized, am I?

  165. My Crochet Dude hooks came in a cute case but Crochet Dude ergonomic hooks live in a pencil bag. I bet they would love to all live together in the Crochet Dude bag. ?

  166. I only wish my crochet hooks were organized. Some are in a zippered pencil holder, some are in drawers, some are in bags with deserted projects, some with works-in-progress, and some are hidden deep down in my couch. 🙁

  167. I keep my active hooks with the project that I’m working on (usually the required size, plus the next size larger for starting chains), all in a one-gallon or tw0-and-a-half-gallon zip closure bag. I keep the other hooks in the zippered hook caddy they came in, stored in a plastic shoebox with my other hibernating tools and accessories.

  168. I need a bag like this. My hooks are in a plastic container. This would be so easy to organize.

  169. Hi Drew! I have a magnet on my wall that holds all of my metal hooks, my plastic and non-metal (wooden) hooks are in a vase on my desk, and my afghan hooks are housed in a vase near my yarn and other sundry supplies.

    Thank you for the chance!
    April Jeffers

  170. I keep two sets of needles in the cases they came in, then my extra ones I have in an old make up pouch.

  171. I have 4 Clover getaway crochet hook pouches, one crochet hook/accessory pouch with a cotton tie (because it doesn’t have any velcro and I worry about using the getaway pouches in my portable project bag because of the velcro) and one crochet hook caddy that I made. I use them all!

  172. I’ve used a variety of things. I used a plastic pencil pouch until I had too many hooks. The best thing I have found is the heavy clear pouches with the 3 holes to put in a notebook. ( Yes, I still have paper patterns!) There is plenty of room, they don’t poke out, and I can keep my scissors in there, too.

  173. Some are in a wooden tool box my dad made me years ago but the ones I use most often are in a little bag next to my chair. Not too organized I must admit!

  174. So many hooks! Those not with a WIP are in a tall basket next to my “crochet chair”. Oh, & I also have a small sewn case that I carry in my purse/bag so that I’m never without one!

  175. I made a yarn bowl at a local pottery store and use it for my yarn. However, I found a beautiful bowl to grow orchids in (it has holes around the sides) at a flea market. It has beautiful blue flowers on it and I use it for my crochet hooks. Both bowls sit next to my recliner where I do most of my work. I have assorted bags with various projects in them, but this Nantucket bag would be wonderful for carrying projects to appointments where I have to sit and wait.

  176. I keep my hooks in their cases. Very special hooks like hand made, are in a pretty glass jar with a cover and some of the hooks I use a lot are in a plastic see through tube with a lid that snaps closed. Really nice bags!

  177. My “steel hooks” are kept in the original packaging as it is easier to read what size they are. The “steel hooks” and larger than “K” hook size are kept in a ziplock bag inside of my crochet tote.

    My other hooks (I only use Susan Bates) from size C through K are in a large garlic spice plastic bottle.

    The crochet tote sits next to my “comfy chair” when I’m working on a project.

    If there is a project in progress then the crochet hook in use for that project stays with the project.

    Everyone sing!
    Oh I’m a Happy Hooker
    That’s what I’ll always be
    Yes I’m a Happy Hooker
    Yarn and hooks with me!

  178. The hooks I use most are in a zippered bag with all my other often used tools. My long Tunisian hooks are stored in a plastic tub.

  179. I use an old cookie tin my mother gave me, it is what she used. It is getting old, one day I will retire it, But for now it works pretty good.

  180. I have watched the video for the bagg about 10 times and if I don’t win one l am going G to have to buy one! I love the look & the concept!

  181. My crochet hooks are kept in a repurposed plastic box which is wide and shallow, allowing easy visual identification of my hooks. However, my tunisian hooks are merely thrown in the drawer where I keep all of my left-over yarn bits!

  182. Years ago, my parents had gotten me a small purple tool bag for Christmas. I have no idea why because at no point in time did I show any interest in anything mechanical. BUT it did prove to be a PERFECT bag to store all of my hooks and other crochet materials! I even use it for a travel crochet bag. Definitely get lots of laughs and chuckles with it. 🙂

  183. I keep mine in a nice little case designed for crochet hooks; also, scattered around my house and occasionally my car, as well as attached to various WIPs. Love this bagg- thanks for the opportunity!

  184. I use zipper bag that was intended to be used to store you gadget cords and a zipped bad that is used for hooks. Hubby says I have an addiction to hooks

  185. I try to keep all my hooks together in a crochet “bag” so hooks are stored in plastic toothbrush holders and the couple bigger ones are in a little pouch I sewed up. Love the bag Thank-you for the give away chance.

  186. Since going through chemotherapy and losing all my hair, I no longer wear makeup . I use the different makeup bags for different size needles. Side advantage is my purse now contains a small ball of cotton and hook for time I waiting for this or that ?

  187. I have some vintage crochet hooks -I keep those in a cookie tin with a fabric liner. I keep my most used hooks in a fabric roll hook case that came from an online craft site. I keep Tunisian hooks with the long cables in a large pouch sleeve that I originally made (Tunisian crochet ) for a 17 in laptop. The laptop died a long time ago, but the case really helps me keep the cables from the hooks in control. Hooks that I don’t use regularly, I keep in a drawer.

  188. What I would like to keep my hooks in is this fantastic bag. Right now they are in so many different places I don’t always know what I have.

  189. I keep mine in a wine bottle gift tube. That way i can put the cover on and its a pretty decoration.

  190. I keep my bamboo hooks in the zipper pouch they came in and made a crocheted case for the aluminum hooks. Now I’ve added a few more wood hooks and also a set of Tunisian hooks. Lol. Really need to figure out more cases. Would love to try this bag!

  191. First I’d like to thank you for being so generous… That bag is AWESOME!!! and I hope I win it, lol!

    My hooks…. well, I keep them in 3 zippered cases and need at least two more… one has a broken zipper (do you think I use it too much?) and a second and third one for all my extra hooks. *sigh!*

  192. I like keeping mine in a zippered case with my yarn needles, scissors and tape measure.

  193. That is an awesome bag. It would be very handy. I store my hooks in holders and then in a big plastic tool box.

  194. I keep mine in a roll up fabric holder that has several pouches… It used to be my moms~

  195. Organized? Hahaha! keep my hooks in an art bin container with 3 compartments (small, medium, large). I also have a few hooks in my yarn bowl, my “to go” bag (a recycled shopping bag), and in the scrap yarn cubby, and in a few WIPS.

  196. I have a roll up hook case for my most used hooks and the rest live in the zip pouch in my crochet basket.

  197. I have crochet using front post sc soft hook holders that trifold and hooks can slide in then store them in giant tupperware container which I have had since the late sixties.

  198. I have 2 small canvas pouches that zip open & closed, in the pink one I keep my aluminum hooks & I keep my steel hooks in the turquoise one.
    They work very well & are a great fit for the hooks.

  199. I keep my hooks all over the house! Antique ones in an antique tube, new ones in a zippered pouch, others in a crochet bag…

  200. Mes crochets sont pêle-mêle dans un sac de plastic. Votre sac serait très pratique pour moi ?

  201. I keep my crochet hooks in a zippered pouch so that they can easily move from basket to bag 🙂

  202. My favorite way to store my hooks is a little makeup bag that I got several years ago. It’s small enough to take with me, and big enough to have all my hooks with me…and a pair of scissors!

  203. I keep my crochet hooks in a zippered case specially made for them. The spares I keep in a cup, closeby. Thank you for the chance.

  204. currently I have upcycled a round cardboard dove chocolate container it’s similar to one of the oatmeal containers but much shorter

  205. Wow there are just so many possabilities with this bag I might need more than one hehe

  206. THAT BAG IS AWESOME! Most of my hooks live in a hook roll, but my long Tunisian hooks live in a vase. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  207. I have a crochet hook wallet where I keep my crochet hooks, my good friend’s Mother’s crochet hook( that we’re gifted to her)
    And my mother-in-laws crochet hooks that we’re left to me?

  208. The hooks I use the most are in a zippered case by my chair. The rest are in the pockets of a hanging storage unit and in cases that I crocheted.

  209. I keep my large collection of metal hooks in a ziplock gallon bag, and my fancy wooden hooks on display in a glass on my desk.

  210. I keep my hooks in a zippered bag and also have a felted bag that I carry with my current project.

  211. I keep mine in a hand thrown pot my sister made me in high school. I get to look at something beautiful all the time and see my hooks easily!

  212. I keep the hook I’m using with the project, which means I have several copies of some hooks in WIP bags. The rest are in a zippered pencil case with a clear front.

  213. I use a small crochet bag for my hooks arranged by size. I also keep pins, needles, measuring tape and white thread in it

  214. Right now my hooks are in a vintage mason jar but I’ve been looking for the perfect pouch for my most used and favorites!

  215. I’m always on the go! So I keep my precious crochet hooks ready to go as well… in an extra sturdy Zip-Loc bag… ? I know, it’s probably a sin but I’m just so busy making things for my kids & grandkids that I haven’t taken a moment to make a case for my hooks. I’m on a limited income, so I make do with what I can. The Nantucket Bagg is … WHOA… amazing!!!

  216. That’s a really neat bag! My hooks are all over the place–two hook cases, a pottery container, a Snoopy cup, a plastic glass.

  217. This is great bag! I currently carry my hooks and measuring tape, etc. in a zip lock bag in my “Grandma Bag”. This would greatly organize me.

  218. In spaghetti noodle jars with cat designs at home and in an assortment of zippered cases for crocheting on the go.

  219. My grandfather had a hook case. When he passed away my grandmother gave it to me along with all of his hooks.

  220. Would be great to have this bag. My dog has been stealing my hooks. Still missing two I’s. lol. I have a bad habit of sticking them into the skein I am working on. Dog loves to get them and hide them. So nice of you to offer this
    great bag for one of us to win. Thanks so much!

  221. I keep some in nice zippered organizers and some in make-up type bags. And then some are in the plastic clam shell container they were packaged in.

  222. I’ve been crocheting since I was 15 years old and I will be turning 62 in May. For many, many years I’ve kept my hooks I’ve a quilted hook case that rolls and ties. All in order by the way! I LOVE crocheting!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  223. I have a zippered pouch, and I try very hard to keep them there, but usually it’s more like a few in the couch, a few in my purse, a couple stuck in WIPs, maybe one in my hair … as you can see, I could really use a bag like this to help me organize. 😉 Thanks for the chance.

  224. Most of my crochet hooks are in an organizer that the set came in. I have some extra ones that are in a drawer with the set, some that are with projects and some I keep in my little tool bag that goes along with all my projects, crochet and knitting. Yes, I have acquired that many different hooks over the years! 😉

  225. My daughter found me the most beautifully decorated box and I put all my hooks inside. And inside that box for my thread hooks I have a very old small hand carved box, handed down forever, that I keep all my smaller hooks, which include some I have inherited.

  226. I put my hooks in a zip up pencil case with my scissors and yarn needles. It’s easy to grab and go.

  227. Awesome bag! Would love it. I keep my hooks in multiple zip bags so I can grap a bag & yarn & go anywhere!

  228. I have a zipper case my husband bought me when I first started crocheting. It has been all over the United States with me and still looks brand new. 🙂

  229. I keep them in a roll up pencil case so I can unroll them and pick the size I want out of the line up.

  230. Love the bag! I keep my hooks in several zipper large pencil cases. Thanks for the opportunity to win a bag!

  231. My hooks are all over the place! I have an Etimo set that I really love that has its own pouch, but many others are willynilly. I think I need a little tackle box to keep them all in.

  232. My hooks are stored in an old coffee can from my great aunt. Many of the hooks are also from her and my grandmother.

  233. I crocheted my own hook caddy so I always know where they are and it slips right into my yarn tote bag for on the go!

  234. I have 3 of the Boye zippered hook organizers and they are decades old. One is in the side pocket of my chair in the living room. One is always in my handbag and the third is available for me to teach others.

  235. I use a plastic zippered case that I have but I am starting to bust out of it. I love this bag you are giving away.

  236. I have a zippered “book” that I really like for hooks. It just isn’t big enough!

  237. I have mainly used different sized pencil cases or those travel bath bags you can open out that have compartments I use for hooks and others for scissors and measuring tape and pen and note pad. The long pencil cases are great for my tunisian hooks to.

  238. I have a plastic bin with a drawer for hooks not in use, but I use a zippered case for those I am using which are in my crochet bag.

  239. My hooks are not organized at all. They are just in top top portion of a 4 tier snap container.

  240. I have my hooks in a shoebox tote. I keep a couple in a holder next to my chair in the living room. I also have one in my purse.

  241. Keep most of my hooks in a mug by my chair and the rest in a plastic container. Love this bag.

  242. My hooks are in a zippered case. I’ve been meaning to make a case, but life gets in the way 🙂

  243. I have my great grandmothers steel hooks and they are stored in a very old round metal tin that I love.

  244. I like to keep all my hooks in a quilted roll, organized by size. The one that is in use usually gets put in the yarn bowl or on top of the pattern! good luck to everyone! Thanks Drew!

  245. I use a ball of yarn to hold the books for my current projects and a jewelry bag for the rest

  246. I am terrible at organization and this explains why I own 15 size H crochet hooks-Then again,I can have a crocheting party if I locate them all at the same time

  247. I have all my hooks in an empty powdered drink container (like the crystal light and Kool aid drink comes in). I removed the label and and made a chart on the outside color of hook and size.

  248. My most used hooks are in a toothbrush holder. The other hooks live in a crystal vase.

  249. Several zippered cases and a cigar box AND ziploc baggie in my bag or basket with WIP project. I have enough hooks for a small village of hookers! LOL

  250. I keep my sets of hooks in their original pouches or plastic containers. My individual hooks are stored in a pencil bag that I made.

  251. i have a tall clear plastic canister with a lid, about the size of a pringles container.

  252. I have a holder that I purchased while I was visiting in Alaska where I try to keep my crochet hooks. Often though my crochet hooks get scattered around the house and car and office with different projects that are waiting for me to finish!

  253. Nice reading everyone else’s ideas. I have been wanting to crochet a case but for the time being they are in a heavy glass flower vase❣ Nice bag Drew…

  254. I keep my hooks in separate bags according to the brands, easy to find, easy to grab when I want one. I also keep some stitch markers to go with each along in the bags for convenience when I need one.

  255. Mine are still in the old plastic “cases” that they came in that are now all cracked and have at least 1 corner missing. The others are currently in a zipped make-up bag, and the long ones that won’t fit are in gallon freezer zipper bags! Oh how I would LOVE to win this!! I have never seen anything like it out there!

  256. I keep my hooks in different zippered cases and some of them are in roll up cases. I need to get them all together.

  257. My friend machine stitched a wonderful cloth roll up and tie compartment holder that works so well for me… and for traveling I use an old epi pen case.

  258. You know the shoe holder that goes on your closet door ? Well I use a clear one and it holds all of my hooks including Tunisian hooks .

  259. All of my double points are in first class toiletry cases except for the 8″ or longer and they are in a pasta tin can. All my double points are in a filo-fax folder. This case would be awesome!

  260. for taking with me, I have a roll up hook holder that I made. For at home, I have an old coffee cup with a broken handle and a little teddy bear ceramic cup that I keep my hooks in. The case would be great for my take along projects. I love all the pockets to keep my supplies in.

  261. My wonderful sister-in-law made me a crochet hook holder which rolls up and keeps my hooks safe. I also have a machine embroidered pouch with “I am a happy hooker” embroidered on it.

  262. I tend to keep them in one of two places. I have a wire pencil cup that I put the majority of my well used/often used hooks in. Then I have a roll up case that I keep most of the others in, and a zip case for some extras. I /may/ have a lot of hooks!

  263. I have my crochet hooks in multiple containers. This bag would be awesome to store your latest project in.

  264. I have the hooks i use the most in a zipper pouch and the other hooks and supplies in a zippered bag.

  265. This would be a wonderful bag to carry my crocheting in while on road trips with my husband. I keep my hooks in a crocheted gift I received from a friend on Crochetlist.

  266. I have several different cases for several different hook sets. A girl can’t have too many hooks . . .

  267. I have my hooks in a hinged eye glass case and small bag used for my
    accessories in small bag used for pressure testing gauges. Tunisian hooks
    are in a cylindrical wine box.

  268. I stand my hooks upright in an old clay pencil holder my mom made in high school art class.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  269. My favorite hooks are in a zippered bag that fits in my crochet bag. Others are in a cup by my chair and still others are with WIPs. If I’d ever get organized, I would never need to buy a hook again!

  270. My hooks stay in a glass jar that I found for now. I am hoping to make a holder for one of each hook, but leave the others in the jar.

  271. I keep my hooks everywhere! I have them in my own room. I have them in the living room. I have them in the bedroom. I keep them in multiple UFO bags. I have them in the car. I even have a keychain with three hooks on them. ?

  272. I organize my hooks in a small plastic pencil box I had from the kiddos school supplies, works great as I use, most of the time Crochet Lite hooks. It keeps them from being broken in the bag that I may have on me that day. At home for the hooks I do not use as often or after the little box gets to full and I finally put them away, in my craft drawers at home, Some of the hooks I own came with their own hook bag, or case so those are kept in them unless they are being used.

  273. I made my own crochet hook holder out of a placemat. I folded the bottom up a third of the way and sewed pockets wide enough to hold 2 hooks, then folded the top third down to cover the hooks. Then it’s rolled up and tied with a ribbon to keep it all together .

  274. What a great bag! This would be so awesome to have! Right now I keep my many crochet hooks in 2 different hook organizers … one that zips closed and another smaller, more portable one that folds & ties closed. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  275. This is an incredible bag! I would love to win it!!! I keep my crochet hooks close at hand; they are “standing” in a compartment of my table top Ott lamp, right where I can reach them (and my other supplies too) at a moment’s notice. I do have Tunisian hooks which are wrapped in their own case and stored away.

  276. I have a hand made ceramic vase, my daughter’s boyfriend made. I store all of my long and larger hooks in that.

  277. I have a vertical tin cookie container for most of my hooks. I also have a small zip up container for taking hooks with me on the road. If a hook is in use for a specific project, it lives with the WIP in a bag or other container.

  278. I keep my small hooks in “The Crochet Dude” package which I love!
    I keep my larger hooks in a paint brush roll 🙂

  279. I keep some of my hooks in the case they came in and some in a rolled crochet hook holder I made in my crochet class at Michael’s. I like them in the cases so I can sort by size and make it easier to find what I’m looking for.

  280. I have tried many different ways to organize my hooks from paint brush tubes to rubber bands. Currently, I am trying to use a small toolbox. The benefit to that is it can hold stitch markers and other crochet related items also.

  281. This is awesome!!! As one of the original bag ladies this is the best design I’ve ever seen. I use pencil boxes and zippered pencil bags for my hooks. I even have a roll up paint brush holder for my needles and double points. They would nestle just perfect in this bag. It would be great for my travels and when I teach crochet & knitting classes. Can’t wait to see if I’ve won!!!

  282. I would love to have this bag to take my projects with me to my husbands Vet 2 Vet meetings. Using a grocery bag to carry things in is a “no Bueno”. I found carrying my hooks in a zippered pouch helps me to not lose any when I’m moving around with my “plastic” bag in hand. Instead of singing “Hey Jude” I would be singing “Hey (Crochet) Dude”

  283. I keep my hooks in a tray that i keep in a 3 drawer plastic storage box next to me so when i work there handy.

  284. I made a roll up with fabric that holds all of my hooks. It has pockets to hold the different sizes.

  285. I keep mine in a regular old “pencil holder”. Works great and very easy to transport! Thank you for a fabulous giveaway!

  286. I keep most in a handmade clay cup (mother-in-law made) on my craft shelf and for on-the-go I have a set in a cloth sturdy pencil case. Both of which are appealing to look at.

  287. Love , Love , Love the bag thanks for the give away. The small lace hooks are in the package I bought them in small plastic case.
    Lager hooks in a nice large case and the big ones are in a decorative Christmas cylinder box with a attached lid ( the kind you use for bringing wine as a gift in) Thanks again!

  288. I mostly use zippered hook cases to store hooks not in use. I like to use a full length toothbrush holder in my project bag for the hook(s) I am using for that project.

  289. My hooks are all over the place. I have some in a small bucket on my desk, some in a zippered case, some in original packaging and the ones in use are in those projects. I need something like this to keep them all together lol.

  290. My mom made a canvas hanging organizer with each pocket marked with the size of the needles and hooks. When she died, I took that organizer and that’s what I use to organize my hooks.

  291. I keep my hooks in a roll up bag with sections for each size, plus a small pair scissors and a yarn needle

  292. I keep my completed set in a zippered pouch in my craft room. I also have 3 tote bags that I have projects going with different yarn/thread types that I keep my F, G, H, and I hooks in a plastic baggie in each tote bag.

  293. I crochet my own CrHk wallet with scrap yarn and black posterboard to add sturdiness. I am beginning to run out of room, however as I am growing in pattern styles and difficulty.

  294. Hi there. The crochet hook keeper I have and use is one I made myself
    after getting back into crochet. Keeping those hooks together and in order
    requires more than the package they came in. this also holds the large
    needles and small scissors.

  295. I keep my hooks & knitting needles in two hand turned wooden birch needle holders my lovely father-in-law made for me from wood from our birch trees we planted 25 years ago! They are sooo pretty!

  296. I’ve been collecting hooks for 40 years & they are everywhere I might need to crochet, in jars, coffee mugs, cosmetic bags, with projects, at work, in the junk drawer, and I recently found an H hook in the medicine cabinet. Thanks for all you do for the crochet community, Drew!

  297. I keep 3 of my favorite sizes in my purse (G,H,and I) so I am always ready to work on a project while on the go. I also have a 2 handled Mickey Mouse mug that I keep my favorites in. The others are in a box in the drawer of the table next to my favorite chair.

  298. I organize my hooks in a couple of different zip up cases. This bag would be a great tool, because I could take my WIP, yarn, and hooks along with me as I travel. Thanks for the giveaway!

  299. Mine are currently in a plastic container with all my other knit/crochet bits and bobs. Keep meaning to find a way to organize them.

  300. Mine r in the case that came with ur hook set. If traveling in a small zip bag with wip and scissor.

  301. I keep my working hooks in a zippered case, my small steel hooks in a toothbrush case and the larger hooks in a single silverware tray. I have a set of rolling drawers that hold all my crafting tools. The toothbrush case and silverware tray are in one of the drawers.

  302. I keep my hooks in a DellaQue case by my crafting chair. Overflows are kept in a straight knitting needle case.

  303. Very sad to say, I bought a sewing machine wheelie trolley only because it had clear plastic pockets in the top where I could put all my hooks, stitch markers, scissors etc. Then there was all that space at the bottom (where the sewing machine would go) that I just had to fill, yarn seemed like a good idea!

  304. I keep hooks in a couple of zippered pouches. What’s absolutely necessary is that I can -see- the hooks.

  305. I keep my hooks in a pouch mostly, the ones I use the most are in a plastic container, so I can see them and get to them. It would be nice to have one place for all of them, and to be able to see them.

  306. Hooks….everywhere! One my coffee table, in a vase, a zipper pouch even on my towel shelf! lol

  307. Wow, would you have time to read all these replies? I’m just kidding. This is a super bag and Oh the many ways to use. I knit and crochet, so I keep my hook in several different places: I have all my Boye hooks in a pink zip pouch my husband purchased for me; I have my Susan Bates in a crocheted-zipped pouch I made following a tutorial from Donna Wolf; I have all of my clover hooks in the wrap pouch they came in; I have my lighted hooks sharing a wrap pouch with my Tunisian bamboo hooks and some knitting needles (pretty cramp-already broke a hook); and finally, I keep all of my bamboo knitting needles in a plastic tall container. Oh, I almost forgot, I keep my circular needles and dp needles in bank-money zip bags. I panic when I cannot find a hook or a needle. Right now I can’t find my 10 mm circular needles. Oh well. But, I also keep a deco-box from JoAnns with what ever tools I’m currently using.

  308. My favorite ones are in a zippered case, all my other ones are in a small basket.

  309. I keep my hooks in a container from Walmart juice mix.. I said one day I will put them all together somewhere…Maybe this bag will be it if I Win….

  310. I like to make a flat bag with loops of different sizes, one for each size hook. the case is then held shut w/ a zipper.

  311. I have a full set in a zippered case. I crocheted a book like case for larger and taller hooks. My Tunisians are in a plastic zipped see thru bag. All my extra hooks are kept in a tall cookie tin, but I still need to figure out something for them cause there are just too many!

  312. The hooks that are part of the set that my MIL gave me ALWAYS go back into their case. The rest of them are in a Campbell’s soup mug on my side table.

  313. I keep all my hooks in a zippered case I bought over 20 years ago
    At the time it was supposed to hold all sizes of hooks but it doesn’t. I now just have them laying in the case loosely. I can find all my hooks no matter the size. However, now that I am trying to convert to your brand of hooks because they are more comfortable to work with, I definitely need to make a bigger case. I love the cushion support for your hand that your hooks allow. My hand doesn’t tire as easily. Thank you for inventing these padded hooks. They are the best investment I have made for doing my crafting.

  314. I have all my crochet hooks in a bag I crocheted using the double crochet hook method.

  315. Thanks for this opportunity! I keep my hooks in a zippered case for traveling and at home I have a fish bowl and a mason jar in which I keep my hooks. My 9 & 6 year old daughters painted the bowl and jar for me.

  316. Since I am just beginning to do a lot of crochet work, I don’t have many hooks. What I do have are either kept in a plastic bag or the case they came in beside the chair where I do my work.

  317. I keep all of my hooks, stitch markers, measuring tape, stitch holders, and point protectors (for knitting) in a makeup bag. I keep thw smaller items like sewing needles, stitch markers, and point protectors in an altoids tin in the front zip pocket with my scissors.

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