Quick Crochet For The Home by Tamara Kelly of MooglyBlog.com

Quick Crochet For The Home

by Tamara Kelly

If you’ve ever visited Tamara’s blog then you know her design sensibility is impeccable. When I heard her first book was coming out I was very eager to get my hands on a copy, and boy howdy I was NOT disappointed. I love how she goes room by room and offers up designs that are not only quick and fun, but as she puts it “crochet is the touch that makes a house a home”.

Tamara’s directions are clear and easy to follow, and if you are a fan of crochet charts I really honestly have to say that these are the BEST drawn charts I’ve ever seen published!!

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Here is my fave project from each room:

Living Room

Faux Cabled Blanket by Tamara Kelly, of MooglyBlog.com

Dining Room

Modern Tile placemats by Tamara Kelly of MooglyBlog.com


Around The Table trivet by Tamara Kelly of MooglyBlog.com

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Step On It rug by Tamara Kelly of MooglyBlog.com


Log Cabin Retreat throw by Tamara Kelly of MooglyBlog.com


Smart As A Fox bookends by Tamara Kelly of MooglyBlog.com

Book Stats

Paperback: 128 pages
Projects: 20
Charts included: Yes
Publisher: Interweave (December 12, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1632504154
ISBN-13: 978-1632504159
Dimensions: 8.2 x 0.4 x 10.9 inches

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About The Designer

Tamara Kelly is the designer and blogger behind Mooglyblog.com, where she shares her crochet patterns (and a few knitting ones too), video tutorials, and whatever other fun yarny goodies she can find. Her patterns have been published in I Like Crochet magazine and several book compilations. She is a Craftsy Instructor and award winning blogger, and lives in Iowa with her helpful husband, three occasionally helpful kids, and one very unhelpful dog.

The Crochet Dude® is a registered trademark of Drew Emborsky, all rights reserved. Photos copyright Tamara Kelly and the publisher, used by permission. Please share the link to this post with all your friends!

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Enter now to receive a free copy of Tamara’s amazing book. Simply comment below and tell me YOUR favorite home decor item you’ve ever crocheted (or seen crocheted). No purchase necessary. Open only to addresses in the USA and Canada. Deadline to enter is December 23, 2016 and winners will be selected via a random # generator.

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194 thoughts on “Book Review and Giveaway: Quick Crochet For The Home”

  1. My favorite, an afghan I put together out of squares made by online friends of a woman whose husband (another online friend) died suddenly. Everyone did a square (knit or crochet) of a coordinating color and size. Some of them who knew the man (a gamer) incorporated pictures into their squares as a reminder of him. Note the center set of square which form a Tetris screen. https://scontent.fsnc1-3.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/27011_370997020184_3069421_n.jpg?oh=471b95438548b4b38cf1f41b67466712&oe=58F28939

    1. Simple Afghans of all types, preferably those made into interesting non-standard shapes, such as octagons, hexagons. I like finding a stitch design I like and just fly with it. Initially, I have no clue in what direction I’ll be heading, but I’ve learned, the yarn would tell me what it wants to become!

    2. Many years ago I crocheted a large, round, pineapple doily for an antique table I inherited. I look at it now and wonder how my hands held up!

  2. I do enjoy her blog and patterns! My favorite home decor are rugs! Although I ha ent tried one yet it is on my to crochet list!

  3. A Star Wars Death Star pillow! I crocheted it for a friend who was a huge fan and was moving into her first home.

  4. I once crocheted a medium sized basket for my Sister in law. She loved it!! She puts magazines in it next to the sofa.

  5. My favorite thing I’ve crocheted for the home was a giant pouf for a new mom. She used it as a foot rest and loves it.

  6. My very first project is still my favorite. An afghan that kept growing beyond the size planned.

  7. My favorite was a market bag I did from a picture by the Lavender chair……only since I gave up crochet and craft using a hook…needles or loom…..for a long time…..and I finished it…. I especially like the bathroom rug in this book and would to try it…..

  8. My favorite crochet item made by me is anything that I can get to come out right. So far blankets and scarves seem to be the only things I can whip up without having to frog and redo. I love crochet and how relaxing and creative it can be. Thanks for the giveaway!! Happy Hooking!!

  9. My favorite thing to make is dishcloths. The Crochet Dude just posted a bunch of really cute patterns on Facebook.

  10. My daughter’s queen sized blanket is my favorite. I started with a pattern that had a few rows of single crochet, then a special stitch pattern. It repeated after about 10 different stitches, but I just found more that I could do instead and never repeated. It was so much fun. She also chose a color scheme of any and all blues, greens and violets, but allowed 1 particular red she liked.

  11. I love those giant crochet puffs for the living room. They’re great for putting your feet up and kids love to sit on them!

  12. My favorite (so far!) that I’ve done is a Rudolph the Reindeer round pillow. I’d never done a pillow before and it was great fun! I love Tamara’s site and her patterns and her videos…and her! I’d love to have this book.

  13. Baby afghan I made for my now 37 year old son – my first project and gateway drug to a lifetime crochet addiction.

  14. I love doing placemats. There are so many amazing designs and it allows me to change up my dining room in an instant!

    PS I love your yarn bobbins – best I have ever used!

  15. My mother taught me to crochet when i was younger. Shes very traditional and mostly makes blankets. I am more adventurous and prefer to make smaller quicker items. My favorite is a pillow i made her using the my picot shell stitch pattern and icelandic from red heart since she loves the color. It was a mothers day present this year and she had no idea until i gave it to her. The whole time she saw me making it she kept saying how much she loved it. I would love to try out the bathmat in tamaras book since my moms always saying how awesome mooglys stuff is.

  16. Other than an afghan, I’ve only made coasters. This is why I need a new book! And I love following the Moogly blog. ?

  17. I had all this scratchy acrylic yarn I got from a large box in a yard sale, and I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. So, I took several strands and crocheted a basket out of it, and now that’s what I use to hold my WIPs! Everyone comments on how cute they are!

  18. my favorite home decor thing I’ve ever made was a giant owl pillow. It was so big and cuddly and pink! I made it for a friend and haven’t gotten around to making one for myself.

  19. My favorite thing I’ve crocheted for my home was a huge (king-size) afghan. It was so colorful. Unfortunately, I lost track of it over the course of a few household moves. :/

  20. My favorite item is a Christmas tree skirt. Since I only see it for a few weeks a year I never get tired it!

  21. My favorite home decor project so far is the vintage ripple dorm decor blanket I made for my son in his school colors. It was my first (successful) ripple blanket and it came out very well.

  22. I believe the best crochet project I’ve ever done for the house has been one of my first projects, a queen sized C2C blanket. I made it with Bernat Boucle, and it took me almost 5 months to complete. That thing was HUGE.

  23. I love making dish cloths and hot pads, I’m still learning and would love to expand my repertoire.

  24. My favorite items I’ve made are for my 2 boys. I love making them hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, blankets and also amigurumi toys that’s my specialty. I always try to make fun things for them. My home is not a home without having my kids happy and making them laugh.

  25. My favorite is a conch shell doily pattern made with crochet thread that I enlarged to a tablecloth for a friend’s wedding gift. Matching hot pads and oven mitts completed the ensemble.

  26. Mine was making a baby blanket for my niece recently in the popcorn stitch. The thing is, I committed without ever having done it. LOL It took forever! The other funny thing is, I only had a strip about 3″ wide to give her at the baby shower and an older lady behind me said “Who would give a baby a scarf? That baby is going to choke.” hahahahahaha

  27. My favorite crochet item is the Sophie blanket which I hope to attempt some day. Otherwise there are many things I really like.

  28. My favorite item is something my daughter now uses. My grammy made a flower granny square blanket for a twin to full size bed. I grew up using it as my blanket and now my daughter uses it.

  29. I made my granddaughter a mermaid blanket which I was pretty impressed with. Not perfect, but not bad for a beginner!

  30. My favourite was an afghan that I had made for my mom out of flower hexagons, the flowes were white with a yellow centre with the outer part in green. Once completed it looked like a meadow of flowers.

  31. My favorite household item that I have crocheted is a double thickness potholder. They are super easy and quick to make and all of my friends ask me to make them one! I crochet for the joy of giving it away and the calming effect it has on my mind!

  32. I just recently finished Polly Plums Lotus Moon Tiles afghan. It’s the first thing I’ve finished in a while!

  33. I enjoy making anything for the kitchen, dishcloths, potholders, trivets, etc. Also love making baskets

  34. I have a life size Alien crocheted by Regina Rioux Gonzalez (Hope I have her name right!) of monster crochet. We named him Prometheus.

  35. My favorite thing I’ve crocheted for the home are afghans. I have them draped over the back of couches and chairs. No one has an excuse to be cold at my house!

  36. I would love to win this book. My favorite thing I crocheted? A rag rug. Lasted for years!!! I crocheted out of clearanced Christmas fabric ribbon – once washed all the sizing came out and it was as soft as anything!

  37. My favorite item so far has been the headrest cover I made for my vehicle after having the fabric snag my hair too many times. I needed to learn the hdc anyway so I made this rectangle of combined stitches then chained and dc straps onto the corners. Works like a charm and has never slipped nor caught my hair since 🙂 a totally fluky creative idea..

  38. I made an afghan for my son when he got married. It was a dream catcher granny square theme with the centre square made with yarn from my wedding dress that I crocheted many years before.

  39. My favorite thing to make is blankets, its a skills issue. I have never thought of trying the unique other items she has. I would love to win this book! 2017 I intend to expand my skills. Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. My entry to the craft (and addiction) of crochet is the Dr Who scarf I made. The instructions were for knitting but I didn’t know how to knit. I had learned crochet from a Women’s Day article. So I translated the colors to a double crochet scarf and went ahead. My son wore it to meet one of the Dr Who actors (not Tom Baker)who visited near us. Our son was very happy and I was pleased so crochet won the day!

  41. I think of myself as a slow crochet-er, and yet I keep working on full size blankets to give to babies! I try to think only happy thoughts as I do it. But when my current blanket is done – it’s about 4 ft by 3 ft, and it needs to get to about 4 by 4, I hope to start on crocheted baskets! I think they’re the cutest thing ever!

  42. I don’t make much in decor except baskets. I have big plans though to make yarn from jeans and crochet a rug out of it. I’ve even been collecting bits of old lace to add in here and there. A rug and a couple baskets would be sweet.

  43. Personally, I love crocheting baskets. Recently, I tried my hand at my first-ever sweater for my hubby. Since I’m also a fan of fusing crochet with fabric we’re going to fix my mistake with a leather band on the bottom back of the sweater so it hangs better. My hubby is most pleased. My son-in-law know wants one. My hubby know wants your “Dawg” pattern whipped up in denim. Thank you for the “Dawg” pattern. Also, thank you for the opportunity to try and win Tamara’s new book.

  44. My favorite pattern, hmm, do we have to pick one? Love afghans, dish cloths, Christmas ornaments, wall hangings, baskets, hats, and the list goes on and on! Always on the lookout for new ideas.

  45. I think my favorite thing would have to be the harvest corn potholders my mother made years ago and gave to all us girls. There were 3 in a bunch, and they curled around so they looked like ears of corn! She had them all strung together on a round thing she also crocheted so you could hang them up. I still love them, and that’s been a lot of years ago, and my mother has since passed away, so I treasure them.

  46. I’ve been considering making a small area rug for my bathroom, actually. I’ve made a valance, a plant hanger, and several afghans. 🙂

  47. My favorite home decor are the doilies and dresser scarves that my mom crocheted or did using the Swedish weaving technique. Although she taught me to crochet; I never learned the fine detail work of doilies. She’s been gone 20 years this coming May.

  48. My favourite crochet decor item would be a queen size afghan I made for our bed. Took me a while to make but I love it.

  49. I wouldn’t even DARE to have one now a days but….I fondly recall those crocheted bed dolls. The ones with the legless doll and the amazingly huge, billowing skirt. LOVE THAT as a kid.

  50. I love making face/dishcloths, but I really like the chunky afghan from this collection and would love to make one for myself.

  51. I like the crocheted baskets in the home. Fill them with balls of yarn and they look sooooo good.

  52. I think my favorite is probably the cotton market bag I did with a star at the bottom, my granddaughter Julianne and I use it to collect fruit and vegetables from the garden in the backyard. Lovely memories for both of us ?

  53. I Love to crochet Doileys, Tablecloths, Christmas Tree Ornaments – Snowflakes in particular, and Warm Snuggie Afghans!

  54. My favorite crocheted item is a blanket that my grandmother made in the 1940’s. A basic grany square with black trim. Perfect in every way. And still around.

  55. I love crocheting baskets and bowls and would love to do a rug,but I spend most of my crochet time doing small animal rattles (dragons, teddy bears, a bumble abominable snowman. a small Great Dane like Scooby Doo or something specific to the family) as baby gifts.
    This book looks intriguing and I would love to try some new projects!!!!

  56. My first home decor item was a doily from Magic Crochet. When I finished the daily, it was actually bigger than I expected. Lovely daily. I am a faithful follower of Tamara’s Moogly blog. Love her patterns and the easy instructions. Her new book looks very enticing. Would love to have it in my crochet book collection.


  58. My favorite crocheted item was a rug made out of T-shirts that belonged to my ex-husband who had recently passed away in a freak accident at 48.

  59. Thank you Drew for this special giveaway?
    Tamara Kelly, like yourself, is one of my go to gurus for crochet ideas.
    The crochet bathmat looks modern
    yet classic.

  60. My favourite crocheted home decor item has to be my Christmas doily. I only tried it to practice working with thread, but it looks smashing under my centrepiece.

  61. Hi, the most favorite afghan I croxheted was for my Youngest daughter, Heather. Her birthday is Valentines Day and I crocheted a heart afghan in different colors and then I lined it with a really soft blanket purple and white. My daughter loves purple!

  62. My favorite crochet home item is a cotton thread bedspread my grandmother made and I later inherited. She designed the pattern from one she had seen at someone’s home. I love that crochet items are made from the heart.

  63. My favorite and also my families is a corner to corner out of scrap yarn. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  64. My favourite home decor item to crochet is wreaths. I have them for every season and holiday although not all are crocheted. As those made from other materials get worn, I’ve been replacing them with crocheted ones. My latest was a Remembrance Day wreath of poppies. Currently, I have an enormous stocking hanging on the front door as everyone hangs a wreath at this time of year and I like to be different. My second favourite home decor item to crochet is outfits for my lawn goose. S/he also has outfits for every season and holiday which often coordinate with the wreath on the door. Naturally, he is dressed like Santa for December.

  65. My favorite home decor item is the table runner I made for a couple of friends as a wedding gift. It is a filet piece of interlocking hearts and was perfect for the couple.

  66. My favorite crocheted item I ever made was a baby blanket for my son. He is adopted so I made it after I knew he was coming home but before he actually arrived home. So, I made it in a hurry! At the time, it was the most complicated thing I had crocheted–granny squares joined together with the zigzag stitch. He is in his 20’s now–I have saved the blanket for his children.

  67. My favorite project was an angel Afghan I made for an ill child. I never dreamed the reception it would receive from child and parents. The project was fun, but the joy came in the giving.

  68. My favorite item I’ve made for the house is an octagon rug for my bedroom. I wish I could find the pattern so I could make another one.

  69. My favorite was an afghan of the American Flag i crocheted for my husband for a Christmas gift he loved it .

  70. My favorite item I crocheted was an American flag afghan that I entered in our local county fair (and won a blue ribbon!)…I need to make another one soon for my daughter for her home

  71. it would have to be the bedspread my beloved Gma Eva made for me back in 1976!! I still have it today… sadly she passed away in Oct 2015 only 19 days shy of turning 100 yrs old! she made lots of things for me but that would be my favorite as it took her quite a while to make… we lived next door and she told me it seemed every she tried to work on it I would pop in and she’d have to hide her work from me 🙂

  72. Wow! I wish I could see everyone’s projects. My favorite home items are potholders and a rug I made out of rug yarn – Aunt Lydia’s, I think.

  73. My favorite thing in my home that I have crocheted is the blanket on my bed. The pattern I found on one of your pages and since making mine, I have made 3 more for my children and other people. It’s simply beautiful.

  74. My favorite crocheted home decor item was a baby blanket. It was round and crocheted from the outside in. It was so pretty!

  75. My favorite item I made was some baskets for my niece’s day care. Crocheted around clothes line to make them sturdy. She and the children she watches loves them. Makes clean up for those small items so much easier for all. Now to try some thread crochet for some curtains for the RV. Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. My favorite was an Afghan I made when my Nana taught me a couple stitches when I was 10. Couldn’t read patterns so I just winged it. I was so proud of it but I look at it now and it is a mess. I love it because it was my first.

  77. My favorite are rugs my mother-in-law crocheted using nylons. She must have made them 40-50 yrs ago & they’re still being used. I have no idea how many nylons must have went into making each one.

  78. My favorite project I made was an afghan for my parents. I had made a “smaller” one and my dad said it was beautiful. He then sweetly said if I ever wanted to make another one for him, would it be possible to make one that was long enough to keep his feet covered when he pulled the afghan up to his neck. Needless to say, the next one was well over 6 feet long!

  79. My favorite to crochet is dishcloths. Add a bit of color and different textures to the kitchen, so easily. Matching hotpads is nice as well.

  80. Recently returned to crochet upon retirement, love crocheting afghans though a mermaid tail blanket is on my to-do list for granddaughter. Thank you.

  81. Giveaways are fun and exciting even though I never win it gives me new ideas! My favorite was a beautiful Afghan I surprise my mom with for her birthday! It may not have been my best work but the look on her face when she opened it was all I needed 🙂

  82. A ripple (or zig zag) afghan I made for my very tall father. At 6′ 6″, he wanted an afghan he could tuck under his chin and under his heels to sprawl on the couch. I did each section by the skein and used 17 balls of Berella 4 (it was the 80s and the lys stocked it). After he died, my brothers gave it back to me and now my daughter snuggles under it. I just found a spot to repair but it is going strong.

  83. Doilies – my great-grandma taught me how to crochet. And doilies were my second project, after washcloths. Those were the only things she crocheted 🙂

  84. Some of my favorite crocheted home decor items (that I haven’t had the chance to make yet) are all the organization aids like baskets, bags & hanging pocket organizers.

  85. I love crocheting afghans and baskets but I would love to do placemats, cushion covers, and rugs as well! This looks like a wonderful book to have!

  86. My favourite home item that I’ve made has to be a pink and purple throw For the couch. The colours are great and the pattern was like a giant ripple sort of thing. ❤❤

  87. Favorite item was a holder for my iPhone in Tunisian crochet. It was made with worsted weight cotton, a J Tunisian hook and held up for about three years. Made a second one in regular crocheted Linen Stitch, which has been holding it’s own very nicely

  88. My favorite home item is the basket I made with rope and cotton yarn that holds all my crochet goodies. My “show off what I’m about to show off” basket!

  89. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE t-shirt rugs! Anything that can reuse existing material and make something amazing gets my vote!!

  90. My favorite item was a blanket for a king size bed. I got ambitious and added slashes of color. Only problem was it got so big and heavy I couldn’t flip it to do the next row! So, I folded up the part I had done, laid it across the foot of the bed, and I walked back and forth. One way on the floor, the other on the bed! It came out beautiful – and my sister wanted it. So I gave it to her. No desire to make another one like that!

  91. To just name one favorite household own… So hard!! I love beautiful Afghans, practical items like Dishcloths, bath mats, hot pads, baskets just to name a few! I love a home made home, it brings such warmth and love!

    I love Moogly and all Tamara’s patterns, tutorials!

  92. Oh, I love Tamara’s designs and would love to own her first book!

    My most favorite home decor item that I have is a 90+ inch round area rug that I crocheted using 12 different colors. It makes me squeal (on the inside as everyone would think me crazy lol) every day. :p

  93. My favorite thing to crochet is doilys I’m self taught in crochet and two yr’s ago I made a Halloween doily it came out beautiful and of course instead of keeping it I gave it to my sister. Oh well right ?

  94. My absolutely favorite home deco item that I have crocheted is a Saints afghan. It was my first time crocheting from a graph, seemed to take me a lifetime (well almost 8 mths, but that is such a long time to spend on 1 project). Of course, there were many starts and stops, learned that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did, and discovered youtube with the unlimited advice and tips from the crochet community!

  95. My favorite home decor crocheted items are blankets. My great-aunt made me one when I was a teenager. I still have it though she is long gone. It’s purple, orange and ivory (which I know sounds horrible, but it works!) and she never followed patterns so it’s an original design.

  96. I made a crochet spread for my granddaughter’s wedding. Nicest thing I have ever crocheted. And it was huge.

  97. I have a giant Granny Square Afghan on my couch which I made several years ago from “Inside Crochet” magazine. Since then I have bought a number of kits from Deramores and in 2017 my goal is to finally make them and finish as many UFOs as possible.

  98. My favorite is this granny square throw I’m working on for my grandma. It’s cream, flamingo pink, and a variegated purple color with black to hold it all together. I don’t want to give it up! It’s so pretty.

  99. I love the pretty bath mat shown in Tamara’s book. I’ve always wanted to do rugs and floor mats. I have an amazing afghan that my daughter will inherit someday. It was made by her great grandmother.

  100. My favorite is an afghan I made with Aunt Lydia’s Rug yarn….It was the best for Winter warmth and was fought over by the family even in the Summer time…the poor thing just got worn out….I wish we still had rug yarn as I would love to make another one.

  101. My faves are afghans & kitchen linens for our home. Baby blankets, hats & booties for gifts.

  102. Mine is an afghan that my grandmother made for me. I love it and it makes me feel very loved. She is no longer with us so when I wrap up in it I feel her around me.

  103. I have an antique lace tablecloth that I bring out for Christmas, it’s so beautiful and I love that it was made my great great grandmother!

  104. I make a lot of chemo caps and scrap lapghans that I take to the local cancer center. For my family, I made everyone their own afghan. Of course, everyone has also gotten their own hats and scarves or cowls.

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