These yarn cakes are part of the exclusive line of yarn by the incomparable Kristin Omdahl! See below how you can win two balls of this amazing yarn – and you’ll get to choose which colors!! (GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED)

Each center pull ball (or cake) is 100% bamboo, combining 4 different hand-dyed colors, 325 yards per 4oz, sport weight yarn. Two Sporty Cakes will make a full sized shawl or small sweater.

From left to right, top to bottom: Fiesta Vibe, Gradient Teal, Cheeky Vibe, Chill Vibe, Passion Vibe and Gradient Plum

And if you visit Kristin’s site she has dozens of free patterns that are perfect for this yarn! Click here to see Kristin’s patterns

Giveaway – NOW ENDED!!

Enter now to receive two free Sporty Cakes – you get to choose the colors! Simply comment below and tell me which of the above colors is YOUR fave! No purchase necessary. Open to addresses worldwide! Deadline to enter is January 18, 2017 and winners will be selected via a random # generator.

And if you find this yarn as irresistible as I do and can’t wait to see if you’ve won, boogie on over to Kristin’s site to buy a cake or three of your own, and if you’re in the USA use coupon code FREESHIPPING at checkout to get complimentary shipping!


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778 thoughts on “Giveaway: Sporty Cakes”

    1. What a fantastic give-away. I like the two color ways on the top row; middle and to the right of the middle. Good luck Everyone. Paula K.

  1. I love Chill Vibe and Gradient Plum! What a great giveaway and bamboo will be perfect for Florida yarning if I am the fortunate one selected.

  2. My favorite is chill vibe. The name says it all. It a chill color and would make a beautiful shawl.


  4. Well, I can’t win because I can’t follow the rules. I have 4 favs, so I’ll just post the 2 with orange AND the 2 to the immediate right of each of these. 🙂

  5. Fiesta Vibe & Gradient Plum just speak to me and say you gotta make something outta me please……

  6. The gradient teal is beautiful!

    Thank you for this opportunity to knit a beautiful project!

  7. Fiesta Vibe is my favorite but love them all and I adore crocheting with bamboo yarn. Thanks!!

  8. When I first saw these I thought they were geodes and so pretty! The gradient plum really caught my eye.

  9. I love the Cheeky vibe! Really cool colors together and would make a beautiful, fun shawl!

  10. I Would love to put my needle in the Gradient Teal and start creating! It goes perfect with the colours in our bedroom!

  11. I love them all, so hard to choose but Gradient Plum and Cheeky Vibe would have to be my favorites 🙂

  12. I love the gradient plum (and the chill vibe and all the others) but gradient plum. That’s my choice.

  13. I love Kristin and everything she does. Gradient plum gets my vote with the teal being a close second. I’m certain it will create a fabulous shawl that will be perfect for the rest of this crazy cold New England winter!

  14. They’re all so lovely. I really like the Gradient Teal and the Gradient Plum! Just beautiful.

  15. I like the one with teal and cream I like to see how it works up in a project as compared to some of the other brands

  16. I’m loving the Chill and the Gradient Teal, but honestly any of those would be really fun to play with!

  17. I love all colors, but my favorite would have to be the ‘Cheeky Vibe’ put a big smile on face as soon as I seen it. Seems fitting, huh? 🙂

  18. I really like the two on the right-hand side. The cream to robin’s egg blue and the soft white to deep purple. Those two are definitely my favs.

  19. Fiesta vibe, mostly because that is my wife’s favorite combination of colors right now… That would make a perfect color combination for a a project for my upcoming new kiddo! (wife is pregnant 🙂 )

  20. Honestly, Gradient Teal and Cheeky Vibe are totally speaking to me right now. They are right up my alley. Totally love these color blends and would love to make something fantastic with them!

  21. They would all make amazing shawls or wraps. But the one that speaks to me is the one they call “Chill Vibe”.

  22. I like the Cheeky Vibe or Gradient Plum. They are all wonderful colours and hard to choose from. Thank you for the giveaway.

  23. I like the one in the lower left corner…its got a serious shabby chic vibe 🙂

  24. Ohhhhhh I love the purple, red, pink & orange!! And I love the ecru, eggplant, black and Tiffany blue!! Really lovely colors.

  25. FIESTA VIBE PLEASE!! What a gorgeous yarn and the colours go so well together!! Kristin is truly talented when it comes to yarn!

  26. All the colors are beautiful, but the Gradient Teal is my favorite! Teal is my best color to wear, and for a change, I would make something for myself.

  27. They are all lovely, and while not colors I am usually drawn to, I think I like the Passion Vibe the best.

  28. All are lovely, but if I had to choose only two, I like Gradient Teal (centre top) and Passion Vibe (centre bottom).

  29. Passion vibe is so rich with orange and purple.
    That’s the one for me. Thanks for the chance.

  30. Love these yarns, I’m thinking Chill Vibe for myself and Gradient Plums would make a great gift for any one of my purple loving friends

  31. they are all awesome but I love the Gradient Plum and the Cheeky Vibe the most but the Passion Vibe is really close too LOL

  32. Passion Vibe!
    The colors are vibrant and oh so beautiful! Would have to make something for myself out of that!!

  33. It Would have to be Gradient Teal and Gradient Plum. Blues and purplesare my fave.

  34. My favorite color combination is purple/green so I’d have to go with Chill Vibe (although Gradient Plum is nice, too).

  35. Gradient Teal and Cheeky Vibe are my top 2 favorites, although it is hard to choose only 2.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  36. If I had to choose, I would go with the Plum, but Gradient Teal is terrific, too. Purple is a favorite.

  37. WOW!! I’m so into purples and greens …so there are 3 I love gradient teal, chill vibe and gradient plum
    thanks for the chance to win!!

  38. Love the cake with the light purple and the cake with the darker purple. Any yarn with purple!

  39. I like the purple and red and the other purple, blue, light blue and cream. I like purple.

  40. They are all beautiful, but I would choose the pastels (first in second row) as I am looking at a Spring shawl.

  41. I just can’t decide between FIESTA VIBE and CHEEKY VIBE…in fact they are all pretty yummy!

  42. I love the Gradient Teal! It will go with jeans or neutrals. I love that fact the yarn has no wool – allergic. I love bamboo yarns.

  43. Cheeky Vibe is my favorite, I’d be happy to win any of the gorgeous colors. And there’s no wool in them….woohoo (allergy to wool)

  44. Boy is it hard to pick one favorite, but I would have to go with the gradient teal. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. I really think all the colors are beautiful,but for now I will pick Passion Vibe and Gradient Plum!Thanks Kristen,you’re so talented,and a beautiful person!

  46. I am having a hard time deciding which I like the most between Cheeky Vibe & Chill Vibe, but they are all awesome

  47. Passion Vibe is my favorite. I like the idea of a bamboo gradient, I can’t tolerate most wools.

  48. I love all the color combos, but my favs are Gradient Teal, Cheeky Vibe, and Chill Vibe! Such cool, mod colors!

  49. I love Fiesta Vibe … so bright and colorful. Will go great with a black background

  50. I think I like the cheeky vibe and the radiant plum plus the draw is the day after my birthday so if I won would be a nice birthday present. Just saying….lol

  51. I love the cheeky vibe and passion vibe. My husband needs some more sweaters and I think he will like these colors, too.

  52. I like the Gradient Plum and the Chili Vibe. Tho, if I won, I’d like 2 balls of the same color… then I could make something huge! ::grin::

  53. All these cakes are yummy! Thank you for making this opportunity available to possibly win a cake as well as being able to drool over the KO website. I’m drawn to the Fiesta Vibe cake. I’m making a shrug for my granddaughter’s 17th birthday and the Fiesta Vibe cake seems to go together with a celebration!

  54. My fav pick is Cheeky Vibe! I am drawn to the colors, I like creams, purples, and blues, which it has, and then you have that “pop” with the brighter blue! Would be a great as my intro to cakes!

  55. I think my fave would have to be the Gradient Teal, the colors are beautiful!! Hope I win!! Thanks for the chance!

  56. I love how easy you make this. It’s rather cheeky. That said, I enjoy the cheeky vibe. ?

  57. Totally in love with Cheeky Vibe and Gradient Plum but I’d be happy to try any of the colors; they’re all lovely.

  58. It happened to me in a flash…i’ve got a passion for Passion Vibe! Luscious colors all, but that one, yum!

  59. Wow, what great colors, I love bamboo yarn! My favorite is Passion Vibe, closely followed by Fiesta Vibe. I am disabled with no personal income so winning would be a true blessing.

  60. If I win, it will give me a chance to try this beautiful yarn in yellow/aqua/orange.
    Thanks for the chance.

  61. I’ve never tried a bamboo yarn before and the colors are very nice. The one I would pick would be Fiesta Vibe.

  62. I love them all. But if I had to choose just one, I’d say the cheeky vibe suits me best.

  63. I think that Gradient Plum is my favorite cake of this yarn. I love trying new yarns especially when they are free. Hope I win !!

  64. The richness of the Passion Vibe is wonderful. I also love the fact that I am not allergic to this yarn! It is so difficult with a true wool allergy.

  65. Dude… Love Kristen’s yarn combos. My fave is the Cheeky Vibe. Thanks for the intro and to both of you for this cool giveaway.

  66. Just love the color combinations in all of them, making it hard to choose. Si cel I am partial to purple, then my first choice would be Gradient Plum, with Cheeky Vibe as my second choice.

  67. Bamboo sounds so luxurious! I love the Cheeky Vibe, but I want to collect the set at some point 😉

  68. These are fabulous! So appealing! Passion vibe is my favorite!!!! Thanks for this chance to win! So exciting!!!!

  69. I love the them all, wish you were giving them all away, but I would love to have the Gradient Plum if I win!

  70. I love them all but I like the bottom right corner. ( I couldnt see where the names are) I hope I win thanks for the great giveaway.

  71. I love the Gradient Plum. The colors make you want to pick it up and smell all its yummy goodness.

  72. Fiesta Vibe would be my pick – but I’d not refuse any of them – great colorways all!

  73. Wow! Great yearn to start off the new year. My favorite is Gradient Teal, but they are all spot on for todays fashions.

  74. They are all so beautiful! If I have to choose it would be Passion Vibe. Really amazing colors!

  75. I absolutely LOVE the Cheeky Vibe colorway! I enjoy working with bamboo yarn so this would be fantastic!

  76. Chill Vibe is a great combination to crochet for summer. Gradient Plum is my first choice. Thanks so much!!

  77. I just love the Gradient Teal, and Passion Vibe, they are so pretty. I hope I win in the give away. But if I don’t wtg to the one that does get picked.

  78. All the colors are awesome if I had to choose one it would be the gradient teal. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!!

  79. I think the Chill Vibe is my favorite, although I do love them all. I can see perfect projects for all of my grandkids in each skein!

  80. Real happy to see some muted colors in gradients. Gradients are my favorite but sometimes you get “brighted” out. My favorite are gradient teal and chill vibe.

  81. I love them all, but if someone wave them all in my face I would grab Passion Vibe. I love how the other colors work with the purple.

  82. For the person I intend to gift the project to, I’d pick Chill Vibe. They are all beautiful!

  83. Wow these are awesome! I have to say that teal gradient is my favorite. All the colors are beautiful.

  84. Love the pattern and the yarn. I would love to win the Chill Vibe if picked although I would be happy with any of the other colors as well. Thanks Drew!

  85. I love the yarn and would be happy to win any of them , although the chill vibe is my favorite! Great pattern as well, thanks Drew!

  86. They are all Fantastic! I like the fact they are a lighter weight. I would pick Cheeky Vibe to start enjoying. Thank You for the chance to win this beautiful yarn!

  87. What fun colors and a great giveaway idea! My favorites are the upper right and upper left … Fiesta Vibe and Cheeky Vibe. Good luck everyone!

  88. cheeky vibe and gradient plum are my favs… thx for having a contest. Love that you are back at it. Love your stuff. Your videos are easy to follow. thx

  89. My favorites are Gradient Teal and Gradient Plum. Thank you for a chance to win this yarn.

  90. How can you choose just one? I usually choose the colors according to what I am making. But if I had to choose just one it would be top row right, the one with cream, violet, navy and light blue. Beautiful color combination. Very soft looking colors. Thanks for the giveaway.

  91. My two favorites are Fiesta Vibe & Gradient Teal. Looks like awesome yarn. Also checked out Kristin’s pattern which are quite lovely. Hope to try one very soon.

  92. I think center top (what? – Gradient Teal?) is my favorite! They are all beautiful. Since I’m allergic to wool, bamboo yarn is great!!

  93. I love them all but I think since I have to choose I would take the one second from the top with the blues and greens.

  94. My favorite is the Passion Vibe followed closely by the Gradient Plum. Thanks for hosting this giveaway and showing us this great yarn! Love that it’s plant based.

  95. I like them all, but if I have to choose 2, they would be Ceeky Vibe and Cill Vibe.

  96. All of the colors are beautiful. I can think of something to do with them all! I would like to have Gradient Teal. Thank you!

  97. Love the Chill Vibe and the Gradient Teal – would love to experiment with this new yarn.

  98. Oh wow! I love all the colors, but my favorite from those has to be

    Cheeky Vibe!

    I love the contrast from dark to light.

  99. I’m liking both the Passion Vibe and the Gradient Plum and sort of eyeing the Cheeky Vibe too.

  100. I would live to win some of the Passion Vibe. I really like the color combination it is really vibrant! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway.

  101. They are all lovely but Gradient Plum is definitely my favourite! Thanks to you & Kristen for this opportunity to win a couple of the cakes!

  102. Fiesta Vibe!! They are all so beautiful it’s tough to pick one favorite, but I’d have to say Fiesta Vibe is my absolute favorite!!

  103. Love them all. Gradient Teal and Gradient Plum are my favorites. Looking forward to start working with this yarn. Thanks

  104. While I truly cannot choose between Gradient Teal and Gradient Plum as a favorite, I’ll say Gradient Teal for the purposes of this giveaway. 🙂

  105. Oh my gosh – all are gorgeous!! I cannot pick a favorite 🙂 I think it would be between Chill Vibe and Gradient Plum.

  106. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! Can I say I love them ALL??? They’re GORGEOUS!!! I would be thrilled, and blessed, to win any of them. Thank you for the opportunity!

  107. I like all the colours but my favourites are the chill vibe and gradient teal and gradient plum

  108. Gradient Teal and Gradient Plum are my favourites. Need a nice, bright and citrus-y green colourway!!

  109. I love the Passion Vibe and Gradient Plum. I’ve also never used bamboo yarn. Would love to win! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  110. What gorgeous colors —1) – Gradient Teal 2) Cheeky Vibe

    Good Luck to all that enter

  111. I love love love the chill vibe – sooo feminine and pretty. Thank you for this giveaway !! great way to kick off 2017.

  112. Thank you for the opportunity for a wonderful chance to win. I would love to crochet with the Fiesta Vibe and the Gradient Teal.

  113. I love any of the colors but am drawn to the ones with the “cool” colors without the reds or oranges. I do a lot of crocheting for local charities and would love to try this yarn out! I love seeing everyone’s projects.

  114. I would love to win any color combo. I think they all are pretty. I have never used the cake type combo yarns yet as I am new to crocheting. I am self taught and only been crocheting other than learning stitches for a few months. Thank you.

  115. I say surprise me! I totally love all of them and could never just chose one or two…….Thanks for the contest!

  116. My 11 yo daughter loves the gradient plum. She’s already has ideas of what I teach her to make with this just after seeing the pictures!

  117. Gradient Teal, and Chill Vibe. Those are the two that “Speak” to me the loudest!! But they all are just simply GORGEOUS!!!

  118. Love fiesta vibe and radiant plum. Hope they are available in UK. It’s hard to get thus style yarn.

  119. Gradient Teal won as my favorite but Gradient Plum was a close second. I’d love to work with bamboo yarn as I’ve never tried it before!! Thanks for the give away!

  120. Fiesta Vibe and chill vibe are the favorites, but who could say no to any of the beautiful colors! 🙂

  121. I love both the top and bottom right color schemes but if I had to pick one it would probably have to be the top right one. I love that bright blue!

  122. These are all so beautiful, but I think my favorites are Chill Vibe and Gradient plum!

  123. The colors are all beautiful, but I like the one that looks like the sea. It’s greenish on the outside and pure white on the inside, with blue and beige between. Gorgeous!

  124. Fiesta Vibe and Passion Vibe are my favorite, but I love them all! Thanks for the Giveaway! Going to Kristin’s website now to look!

  125. I think the 1st one in second row, green, beige, blue and white would work up into something really summery and I could use a little summer right now. I’m freezing! LOL

  126. First let me say thank you so much for this yarn giveaway! They all are just beautiful! I really appreciate you getting us to see, enjoy and desire this yarn and the new colors.. you really know how to get the “bug” the “itch” in US, the one we can’t get rid of!! BWAHAHA… now to tell oh my favorite.. I love the blue/green one and the off white/blue/purple! Truthfully I LOVE THEM ALL! <3 🙂

  127. There are really two which are my favorites, but since you said to comment on your favorite, I take that to mean one. So Chill Vibe is my favorite.

  128. Like everyone else, I’m having a hard time choosing a favorite – They are all gorgeous! – so I’ll just pick one at random: Gradient Plum. Hope I win!

  129. i love the Gradient Plum –its such a happy relaxing colour–ty so much for the chance (but any of the colours would put a smile on my face!)

  130. I really like the Fiesta vibe and the Gradient Teal. Can it be because I live in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico)?

  131. The colors are not the ones I would normally use, but my eye keeps being drawn to Fiesta Vibe!

  132. Hey, Drew I love all the colors, but my favs are Fiesta and Passion. I used 2 go 2 Saugatuck in my teen years because we had a houseboat at the marina. Loved the dunes soooo much and Lake Michigan. We had a lot of good times there!

  133. Hi Drew! I’d absolutely love two skeins of Gradient Plum. It would make an excellent shawl for my Auntie Di. Thank you for the chance!

  134. My faavorite colorway is Gradient Plum. Thanks for bringing this new yarn out in the open.

  135. Gradient Plum! Perfect for a shawl to send with my daughter as she heads off to college in the fall!

  136. I love the chill vibe, I’d make something for my daughter, just one month old this week!

  137. Love the one on the top right with the purple and blue. Oh the things I could do with it!

  138. Love them all, obviously they are just beautiful. Favorite would be Cheeky Vibe. My daughter just moved from northeast to southeast USA, would love to make her a shawl since

  139. The Fiesta Vibe would be my first choice, but I absolutely love them all. I’m off to the store to add to my stash. I see many WIPs in my future.

  140. I have two faves, Cheeky Vibe and Chill Vibe, but honestly how do you choose? They are all wonderful. And check out her website, OMG!

  141. Gosh. So hard to choose, but I think I’d have to go with Cheeky Vibe since I really like that (and the name!) Thanks for the chance.

  142. I think Cheeky Vibe and Chill Vibe…who doesn’t want to be cheeky and chill together!!

  143. The Vibes are lots of fun, but for me, I would choose one of the Gradients – most likely the Plum.

  144. Hi! They all look great but my favs are Passion Vibe and Gradient Plum. I think both of those yarns would look amazing made into a beanie and scarf set!
    Thanks for giving us the scope on the new yarns. ???

  145. All of them are absolutely gorgeous but since I have to pick two, I pick Gradient Teal and Chill Vibe. I’m really hoping I win, but want to wish everyone good luck! Also want to wish whoever wins a big congratulations!

  146. These are all beautiful color combinations. Forced to pick a favorite, I would choose Gradient Plum

  147. Love all of them. The oranges remind me of the Grand Canyon. Really like the one with the darker purple in the center. Would love to win and make something beautiful with this lovely yarn.

  148. I still love the first one with the orange, aqua blue & yellow. I have something in mind for that one that would be perfect !

  149. I love all of the yarn pictured but my favorite is the passion one….this yarn is fantastic to crochet with…ty for the consideration

  150. Passion vibe is gorgeous!! Love it – but, but, wait – gradient plum – oh!!! My!!!! Goodness!!

  151. Oooh, I like Fiesta Vibe and Gradient Plum. Thanks for having the opportunity to win these! 🙂

  152. This was not an easy decision at all. After going back and forth, I have decided on CHILL VIBE & GRADIENT PLUM.

    Good luck everyone.

  153. My faves are the ones with purple. I have heard and seen a lot of awesome things made with these cakes. It would be great to try them.

  154. My favorites are Gradient Plum and Gradient Teal. They are all beautiful and I would love to win!

  155. I like Gradient Teal, but something about that Passion Vibe is calling to me!

    (Eek! What if I worked them together!)

  156. Oh they are all so nice. I’m hard pressed to pick a fav. The Fiesta Vibe and Gradient Teal were the first to catch my eye.

  157. Gradient Teal and Gradient Plum are my favorites. All of them are great,depending on the “mood” you’re in!

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