Cable Car Hobo

©2012-2016 Drew Emborsky, aka The Crochet Dude®

Finished Size
21” wide at base x 24” tall including handles

Drew Emborsky Iconic – worsted weight
(4 oz – 110 g – 250 yd) per hank
3 hanks Bad Trip or color of choice
Crochet hook size H (8 – 5.0 mm)
Yarn needle


Special stitch: Cable – skip 2 sts, (on frontside of fabric) fpdc around next st, (on backside of fabric) bpdc around 2nd skipped st, (on frontside of fabric) fpdc around 1st skipped st.

Foundation: Ch 75, dc into 4th ch from hook and into each ch across (73 dc including turning ch)
Row 1 Ch 2 (counts as first st now and throughout pattern), turn, * bpdc around next st, fpdc around following st Repeat from * across ending with a hdc in last st.
Row 2 Ch 2, turn, *(fpdc, bpdc) twice, cable, bpdc Repeat from * across to within last 2 sts, fpdc, hdc in last st.
Row 3 Repeat Row 1
Row 4 Ch 2, turn, * cable, bpdc, (fpdc, bpdc) twice Repeat from * across to within last 6 sts, cable, bpdc, fpdc, hdc in last st.
Repeat rows 1-4 ten more times.
Repeat row 1 once more.
Fasten off.

Fold rectangle in half to create purse matching up the first and last rows (these will make the purse opening). Securely whipstitch both sides of purse. Turn right side out.


You will be working the handle as two sides that will join at the top. The first row of the handle for each side is working around the posts of the stitches that are at the opening of the purse. Lay the purse flat facing you and count to divide the front posts in half and place a small piece of yarn to mark the center stitch. You should end up with 18 front post sts on either side of marker.

To start the first handle join by working a fpdc around the first stitch to the left of the marker you have just placed.
Row 1 Fpdc around each front post stitch until you have worked a total of 36 front post stitches. This is the foundation of one of the handles.
Row 2 Ch 2, turn, bpdc around each st across to within last 3 sts, bpdc2tog, hdc in last st.
Row 3 Ch 2, turn, fpdc around each st across to within last 3 sts, fpdc2tog, hdc in last.
Repeat rows 2-3 until there are 6 sts left. Fasten off.

Repeat for other side of handle. Match up the ends of the handle pieces and whipstitch securely together.

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