Free crochet dishcloth pattern: Sunflower by Drew Emborsky, aka The Crochet Dude


© 2005-2016 Drew Emborsky aka The Crochet Dude®


Finished size: Approximately 9”
Materials: Worsted Weight Cotton
Crochet Hook: Size H

Ch 5, slip st to first ch to form ring.
Rnd 1: Ch 5,*tr in loop, ch 1* 15 times. Slip st to 4th ch of beginning ch-5.


Rnd 2: Ch 1, sc in same st, ch 3, *sc in next st, ch 3* 15 times. Slip st to beginning sc. (16 ch 3 loops)
Rnd 3: Slip st into loop. Ch 5, dc in same loop. *dc, ch 2, dc* in each loop around. (16 ch 2 loops)
Rnd 4: Slip st into loop. Ch 3, (dc, ch2, 2dc) in same loop. *2dc,  ch2, 2dc* in each loop around. (16 ch 2 loops)
Rnd 5: Slip st in next st and into loop. Ch 3, (dc, ch 3, 2 dc) in same loop. Hdc, sc, sc, hdc, in the next 4 sts, (2dc, ch3, 2dc) in loop* around. Slip st to top of beginning ch 3. Fasten off.


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2 thoughts on “Free crochet dishcloth pattern: Sunflower”

  1. I have made a LOT of dishcloths with the Peaches and Cream cotton yarn. I took one to use for myself, the yellow. After just a few days, I am so disappointed, I want to throw them all away. It grabs, and doesn’t release, every stain in the whole house. Almost looks like I’m cleaning car engines, it’s so stained.

    Do you have any recommendations of brands to use that do not have this issue? I am embarrassed to give these dishcloths as gifts.

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