My very first demo segment that I ever appeared on was on Vickie’s amazing show “Knitty Gritty” on HGTV (and it included a very cute dog – no surprise,eh). Since then I’ve been fortunate to call Vickie my friend, and I’m so stoked that she is about to launch a new online only show (yay, fiber-binge watching) with a production company in Austin, TX!

But she needs our help!

After watching the video above you’ll quickly see that Vickie’s experience, knowledge, and vision is exactly what those of us that play with yarn need and want!

Boogie on over to Kickstarter and pledge what you can. Vickie and her crew have some pretty fun incentives for different levels of pledges!

And yes, even tho it is going to be called The Knit Show, Vickie assures me that there will be PLENTY of crochet content as well!! Yay!!!

Click here for more information: The Knit Show with Vickie Howell

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